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Dangers Of Mold: Why You Need A Roof Inspection NOW

Kids are wonderful. They’ll ask, “Why is the sky blue?” and “What causes rain?” Has a kid ever asked, “How fast does mold grow after a water leak?” Not likely, but it is a crucial question, right alongside “Why is mold in the home dangerous?” […]

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3 Preventable Disasters To Avoid By Not Ignoring A Leaky Roof

Some things are best left alone. Cottonmouth snakes, for example. What happens if you ignore a cottonmouth? It goes about its day, and you go about yours; no harm, no foul. Some things need attention, like a leaky roof. What happens if you ignore a leaky roof? […]

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What Is Covered In A Residential Roofing Inspection Checklist?

Some folks are born listmakers. Others, mainly homeowners, learn the value of lists and checklists because their homes need a little TLC. Having a residential roofing inspection checklist is a good safeguard against roofing headaches for every homeowner.  […]

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13 Questions You Should Ask Your Roofer

You know you need a roofing contractor, but how do you know you are contracting with a good one? The question nags at you, “What questions should I ask my roofer?” With quality roofers, though, the question might better be, “How can my roofing company prove it is the right contractor for me?” […]

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FORTIFIED Roofing: Behind The Scenes & Why You Need It

Ah, the Sunny South. It’s just pecan pie, mild winters, and mint juleps day in, day out. For anyone living in the Tennessee Valley, you know it’s nonsense. We have a lot of rough weather. We may not get six feet of snow like Vermonters, but we face intense storms. Our roofs need to be FORTIFIED. Here’s why.  […]

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How To Choose The Best Shingle For Your Home

You know you need a new roof and you have already settled on America’s most popular residential roofing material, the shingle. How can you update the look of your Birmingham-area home, choose the right shingle and color, and get it installed without worry? Here are five tips to determine what roof shingles are best.  […]

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10 Tasks Your Commercial Roof Maintenance Checklist Needs

What commercial property owner has ever complained of not having enough to fill a work day? Monitoring your commercial roof is always a priority, since it protects the rest of your business. You have a responsibility to keep your employees and customers healthy, shield your equipment and inventory from poor air conditions, and preserve the resale value of your property. Take a little off your To-Do list by using this handy checklist of 10 tips for commercial roofs. […]

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5 Reasons Industrial Roof Maintenance Is So Important

You face the same crisis every year: a building budget that never stretches enough, so you try to find ways to scrimp and save. One place never to economize: industrial roof maintenance. The importance of roof maintenance cannot be overstated. […]

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