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Low-Cost Roof Financing Options That Could Help With An Unexpected Replacement Expense:

Low-Cost Roof Financing Options That Could Help With An Unexpected Replacement Expense:

You can’t always predict when a roof replacement will be necessary. A storm may cause damage, or a leak might appear in the interior of your home. When this happens, a new roof becomes a high priority. Not everyone has the cash available for an emergency, such as a new roof. Waiting too long will make the problem worse. Don’t panic; low-cost financing options are available to help with this unexpected expense.

Financing through a Roofing Company

There are several advantages to obtaining financing through your roofing company. Loans obtained by your roofing company often offer better rates, terms for the loan, and other perks. This type of loan is designed specifically for home improvement.

Here are several advantages of financing through your roofing company:

  • Lower Rates – Many times, a roofing company can obtain a lower rate for financing because of the volume of lending.
  • Customer-Friendly Payment Options – Options may include payments combined with property taxes.
  • Lower Monthly Payments – The monthly payment amount is lower than other types of loans in most cases.
  • Quick Approval Times – This is a major advantage if you need a new roof ASAP. Timely approval can keep further damage to your home to a minimum, with work starting as soon as possible.
  • Long-term Financing at a Fixed Rate – This makes it easier to stick to a budget. Knowing the payment is fixed and up to a 30-year payment schedule is possible is helpful when an unexpected expense needs to be handled quickly. 
  • Low or no Upfront Costs – High upfront costs can be a significant stumbling block when applying for a loan. Sometimes, this is the difference between approval and rejection.
  • No Balloon Payment– You won’t be blindsided in the future by a balloon payment you didn’t know was coming or didn’t see when signing the contract.

Yellowhammer Roofing offers financing through two different lenders: Alabama Power Smart Financing and Service Financing. 

Alabama Power Smart Financing offers financing for roof replacements, as well as roof repairs so that you can feel confident in protecting your investment, no matter the problem. In addition, we work with Service Finance Company to help offer you financing for any of your home improvement needs.   

All these financing options are worth exploring. Find the one that is the best fit for your specific situation. Sometimes loans are available with no pre-payment penalties or 0 percent up-front financing available. Several offer a delayed start to payments for a set period of time. Homeowners sometimes put off a major repair, such as roof replacement, because of a lack of funds, but this delay is the worst possible option. Your roof protects your home’s interior and waiting too long to replace it is a gamble. The safety and comfort of your family depend on it. 

Don’t hesitate to contact Yellowhammer Roofing to discuss a roof replacement. Our friendly staff will be happy to answer any questions regarding roofing or any of our related services. We recognize that everyone’s situation is different and can help you begin the process of navigating how to get the roof you need. Financing options are available to help you get started quickly. Let our award-winning team protect your family with a new quality roof that will last many years!

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