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New Year's Resolutions for Shingle Roof Repairs

New Year’s Resolutions for Shingle Roof Repairs

The start of a new year is an opportunity to take measures with your roof that can keep your home free from damage and let you avoid costly, unnecessary repairs. Implementing the following maintenance-related resolutions can reduce the likelihood that you’ll face shingle roof repairs in 2018:

Keep Your Roof Clean

In our humid Alabama climate, mold, mildew and moss can quickly get established on shaded sections of your roof. Moss growth is especially problematic because the vegetation can cause considerable harm to your shingles and roof structure over time. As moss takes root, it lifts the shingle edges and draws moisture underneath where it can deteriorate the underlayment and roof decking. Having your roof cleaned periodically can keep moss at bay, but be sure to get the advice of a trusted roofer on the proper techniques and products that won’t cause unintentional damage.

Have Your Attic Assessed

Insufficient attic insulation and ventilation can create significant overheating of the space that can result in costly damage to your roof. Excessively high temperatures in the attic can crack and warp the roof’s structural supports and decking, and age the shingles prematurely. An experienced roofing pro can assess conditions in the attic and advise you whether you need to add intake and exhaust vents, or have air leaks sealed and extra insulation blown in on the attic floor.

Schedule a Certified Roof Inspection

Reputable local roofing contractors typically offer free inspections for area homeowners, so plan to take advantage of this valuable service in the new year. A detailed inspection can identify any maintenance or repair issues that need attention and give you a good idea of how long your roof should last. Knowing the condition of your roof can allow you to tackle necessary repairs to avoid leaks and further roof damage, or budget for a future replacement.

Investigate Cool Roofing

If an inspection reveals that you’ll need a new roof soon, it’s worth investigating “cool” roofing that can curb heat transfer into your home’s attic to prolong the life of your roof, and lower your household energy bills as a bonus. A good option to consider “cool” shingles with specialized reflective granules from leading manufacturers like Owens Corning and GAF.

For more advice about resolutions that can help you avoid unnecessary shingle roof repairs in 2018, contact us at Yellowhammer Roofing.

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