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How Rainy Season Gauges Your Roof Health

There are many ways to tell whether or not you need roof repair.

Sometimes, it’s rather obvious. Other times, roof repair sneaks up on you. If you’d like to know one way or another what type of health your roof is in, all you have to do is wait for the rainy season in Alabama. It will likely tell you everything you need to know about the condition of your roof. As the rain starts to fall, here are a few things to watch for.

Tiny Leaks in the Attic

Are tiny leaks a big deal? They may not seem like it at first, but they’re actually a cry for roof repair. What happens if you ignore a small attic leak? Well, it doesn’t go away, that’s for sure. In fact, it gets bigger and worse until you have a major problem on your hand. Deal with the small leak with roof repair and your whole home will be much happier.

Damp Insulation

When the insulation is damp, it’s just a sign of extra humidity in the air, right? Well, maybe, but why is that humidity getting in and how? The last thing you want is damp insulation. Insulation can get moldy and grow mildew and other items that you simply don’t want in your home. Roof repair can seal things up and keep that humidity and rain out.

Wet Roof

Of course, your roof is going to get wet when it rains, but if one part of the roof is wet all the time and never seems to dry, is that okay? To keep it simple—no. You want your roof to dry out evenly or you may need roof repair.

Now is the perfect time of year to get a free roof inspection to see whether or not you need roof repair. A small repair now can save you thousands of dollars in repairs and damage later. Yellowhammer Roofing is here to help you with inspections and roof repair. We’ve been helping homeowners all over Birmingham with their roofing issues for years and we know just what to look for. Get those small repairs and worries out of the way now so there aren’t any issues later.

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