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Urgency Required: The Importance of Immediate Storm Damage Repair

Urgency Required: The Importance of Immediate Storm Damage Repair

Urgency. When something needs to be done immediately, you don’t have time to waste. In fact, you risk causing substantial loss if you don’t employ swift, decisive action. Many times, a violent storm results in roof damage. Sometimes, it isn’t easy to understand the need for a quick response when visible roofing issues aren’t readily apparent. 
However, just because you don’t “see” a major roofing problem with your naked eye doesn’t mean the situation requires imminent attention from a qualified roofing professional. Storm damage repair must be performed in a timely manner, or you may suffer a much more significant loss financially. Proactively involving a roofing contractor makes a big difference.

Time Is Ticking: The Crucial Importance Of A Quick Response Following A Storm

After a storm, your home and property may pose certain dangerous conditions. Fallen trees or large limbs. Downed power lines. Damaged roofing. Broken windows. Scattered debris. Act responsibly. Contact an experienced roofing contractor regarding what steps you should take next in the process. They likely will become involved with certain aspects of the cleanup effort to ensure the roof is temporarily secured (for example, by tying down a tarp on any open gaps).

Following a storm, as a homeowner, you are advised to document evidence of damage. Imagine your property being a crime scene. Photograph and video record the condition of your home (including the roof) and property. Take detailed written notes to describe your observations. Involve a reputable roofing company to perform a more detailed analysis of your home and property. Be sure to have them access the roof and inspect concerning areas.

If your roof incurs damage, it demands immediate attention. Every day that passes keeps the door open to additional damage to your home and property. Even if you perceive that the roof damage is not “that bad,” you cannot afford to take a chance. Actually, your homeowner’s insurance provider expects you to act responsibly and take appropriate and reasonable actions to protect your home from further damage (regardless of whether you submit a claim).

Even if you have a valid homeowner’s insurance claim, you, as the homeowner, still have a deadline to submit your claim. Unreasonable delay will cause your claim to be denied. Avoid this outcome. Proactively involve a knowledgeable roofing contractor to gather the initial information, perform any mitigation efforts, and provide the guidance you need to submit a claim. Don’t get caught in a situation where you deny yourself an opportunity to restore your roof.

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Common Reasons Insurance Claims Are Denied

Common reasons insurance claims are denied
hail storm roof damage

Identifying The Problems With Delaying Necessary Storm Damage Repair

When a roof has leaks or other issues, the possibility of energy inefficiencies rises exponentially. In fact, open-air pockets in a roof allow moisture to impede or outside air to enter. The result is that the attic space and ventilation system experience an imbalance. Resultingly, homeowners experience a meaningful increase in heating and cooling expenses.

If you only take one lesson away from this article, remember that unnecessary delay in addressing storm damage or filing a claim will result in a denial of your claim once you submit it. Your insurance policy has specific terms and conditions requiring you to act by a certain date if you wish to proceed with a claim to restore your home and property.

Every year, thousands of homeowners suffer the damaging impact of mold or mildew growth in their homes. Many of them never realize that the cause of this uninvited fungus resulted from preventative steps they failed to employ. In other words, the homeowner often can utilize proactive measures, such as prompt roof repairs, to avoid this problem.

One of the biggest concerns of not addressing roof problems following a storm is the substantially increased likelihood of unwelcome moisture entering the home through the damaged areas of a roof. This problem can be avoided relatively easily. However, some homeowners don’t understand the critical importance of repairing roof issues quickly.

At one time or another, most of us procrastinate about doing something we know needs completion. Unfortunately, when we delay resolving an issue, we often exacerbate the issue. Consequently, a multiplicative effect occurs. Now, we are no longer dealing with one problem. We have a host of challenges to address. The same holds true in roofing.

Locating A Qualified Roof Repair Specialist After A Storm

For residential homeowners in Central and North Alabama, as well as Franklin, Tennessee, and surrounding communities, Yellowhammer Roofing provides prompt, responsive service following a damaging storm. We understand the obstacles a homeowner faces in the aftermath of an unfortunate weather event. We walk with you through the restoration process to ensure you recover fully. To learn more about our roofing services or to schedule an appointment, contact Yellowhammer Roofing today.

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