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Attic Insulation for Your Home

Home insulation is a major component of consistent energy savings and comfortable living. However, not all types available are suitable for the humidity of southern states.

A complete system is dependent on proper roof ventilation, attic cross-ventilation, and attic insulation. When all factors are optimized, your home’s energy efficiency can increase exponentially – even in the heat of the summer.

An effective way to boost your home’s efficiency would be to add insulation such as AttiCat® Expanding Blown-In insulation. This type comes in cellulose or fiberglass and is blown into the attic using a large machine.  The machine blows smaller pieces, filling up the gaps and providing a complete yet airy layer. Blown-in insulation is tighter and more efficient than batts or rolls and prevents airflow from entering the attic. It can also reduce noise transmission. An experienced roofer, like Yellowhammer Roofing, is qualified for professional installation.

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We use AttiCat® Insulation.

From our many years of experience at Yellowhammer, we recommend Owens Corning’s AttiCat® Blown-in Insulation as one of the best options for Southern homes.  This insulation type utilizes loose fill Fiberglass™ for its insulating efficiency. Rather than laying batts or rolls, AttiCat® is professionally installed through a hose, enabling it to fill even the smallest of corners.

The air pockets formed in the installation process give the material a phenomenal insulating ability. Also, since Fiberglass does not settle over time, it maintains its efficient energy-savings R-value throughout the years.

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