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Free Roof Inspections by Certified Roof Inspectors

Weather, time, and normal wear & tear can create small roof failures and issues that can lead to big problems later on. Sometimes this roof damage isn’t immediately visible. A certified Roof Inspector reviews your roof to ensure it can withstand the elements and continue to protect your property.  Many times there are small roof failures that are brought to light through an inspection. If not addressed, these issues can lead to deterioration of your roof.

Our trustworthy roof inspectors can provide a no-obligation, free roof inspection, and consultation. There are no tricks here- just an upfront, honest assessment of your roof’s condition as well as a clear plan of action.

Why should you get your roof inspected?

Below is a list of common hidden roof failures:

Loose shingles on a roof top

Loose Shingles
Broken shingles can be caused by hail or high wind damage.  If you received high winds in your area, you might even see pieces of shingles on the ground near the building.  Open or exposed roof decking is an open invitation for water penetration or animals to access the building!

Cracked caulking on a roof top

Cracked Caulking
Cracked caulking can occur with extreme temperature changes and also after normal wear and tear on the roof.  It’s a good practice to have your roof inspected annually to validate that your caulking is sound.

Uplifted nails on roof top.

Uplifting Nails
It’s sometimes hard to see from the ground when you have uplifting nails on your roof. These small protrusions occur from nails popping up due to improper nail type.

Hail damage on a shingle roof top

Hail Damage
hail damage can be caused by missing or cracked shingles, missing flashing from around a chimney, or an ice dam formed by thawing and refreezing.

Bubbling paint

Peeling or Bubbling Paint
Moisture getting in through cracks can cause your paint to peel.

Midsize brown water stain on ceiling.

Stains on Ceiling
Leaky roofs can cause water to pool up the drywall of your attic and leaves a stain.

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