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When our team shows up on-site, installing a new roof or repairing one to protect a home, we are working on a neighbors’ home, a vital member of our community ecosystem.

Our team sees and meets so many wonderful people in the north and central Alabama communities in this hands-on industry. It also puts us in a situation where we find amazing local opportunities to invest in our community.

Our team is just as dedicated to servicing our community in as many other ways as possible. We invite you to look at some of the recent community involvement the Yellowhammer Roofing team has participated in.

Roof Deployment Project

Images of the Roof Deployment Project

In October of 2017, Yellowhammer Roofing partnered with Habitat for Humanity and Owens Corning to provide a roof for United States veteran Laverne Rivera.

“We are very honored to be a part of such a great project that allows us to give back to those that served our great nation,” said Roger Jones, President of Yellowhammer Roofing.

“We currently have two veterans that work here at Yellowhammer Roofing. One of our roofing consultants received a call last year to go back to Afghanistan, and he is still currently serving over there,” Will Jones, VP of Yellowhammer Roofing.

“My grandfather took his own life because of PTSD he had developed from serving WWII. The fact that Ms. Rivera struggles with PTSD makes this project very special to me,” said Bryce Curtis, Director of Marketing of Yellowhammer Roofing.

Bike or Bust

Kids sitting on some of the bikes that Yellowhammer Roofing Inc hauled to the Bike or Bust Event.

The Yellowhammer Roofing team hauled over 30 bikes in a Yellowhammer Roofing trailer to the Bike or Bust Event. The Bike Or Bust event is a campaign to raise funds and donations of bikes to supply for children in the area. The Yellowhammer team was able to pull together for a great turnout at this event!

Bundles of Hope

Children in costumes
Bundles of Hope charity logo

Bundles of Hope is a nonprofit organization aiming to provide for local families with packages of diapers and resources through donation and diaper rally collection events. These diapers and necessities are distributed to families with infants and young children in the local area.

Our team has its fair share of growing families with young children, and we understand the stress of staying on top of everything. We were thrilled to host a Halloween party where we collected the funds to feed over 25 families Huntsville NIC unit for Christmas.

Hearts on Fire For Arts N Autism

Hearts on Fire for Arts n Autism flier at the Tuscaloosa Flower Shoppe
Holding flowers for the Hearts on Fire for Arts n Autism event

The Hearts On Fire For Arts ‘n Autism is a collaborative event between the Tuscaloosa Flower Shop and the Arts ‘n Autism school and summer camp program. The Yellowhammer team was able to order flowers through the program and deliver them! Proceeds for the campaign are funneled into art supplies, summer camp expenses, musical instruments, and group activities for students at Arts ‘n Autism school. We were able to grab a photo of Kevin Clark on personal flower delivery!

80s Technicolor 5K & 1- Mile Run

She's All That 5K Sponsorship banner
Technicolor Run
community involement

Yellowhammer was a Gold Level Sponsor for the 80’s Technicolor 5k and 1-mile run. The race is held by For Life Ministries, a certified nonprofit out of Huntsville. Proceeds raised during this event are directed to the For Life Ministry initiative to educate, equip, and empower individuals in Madison County.

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