Storm Damage

How To Tell Hail Damage Totaled Your Roof

Alabama is blessed to have very little snow, but this doesn’t mean our great state is free of ice. Hail, sleet’s much bigger brother, regularly peppers the state with damaging force. According to StormerSite, the city of Birmingham has had 77 reports of hail since 2004. Hail can not only dent cars and ruin landscaping; it can destroy a roof.  […]

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How to Think Like an Insurance Company

Your insurance company provides limited protection for your Huntsville-area home. We say limited because every homeowner policy differs. Some provide complete coverage for all manner of storm damage; others may have high deductibles. Some will pay replacement costs; others will provide minimal coverage. When dealing with a storm-damaged roof, you will understand the process better by putting yourself in the shoes of your insurance adjuster. […]

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What You Need To Know About Insurance Claim Costs

Most homeowners don’t read all the print in their homeowners insurance policy. It is not all fine print, but even the reasonably sized wording is easy to ignore. Yet your policy spells out important information you need to know when making a roofing insurance claim. […]

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The Storm Damage Inflicted On Your Roof And How To Fix It

Among Alabama’s Top 10 weather events, according to the National Weather Service, are three hurricanes, one snow storm (yup; a snow storm, in 1993), a tropical storm, four tornadoes, and one heat wave. Birmingham has stood in the path of many of those historic weather systems. It’s not a record to be either proud nor ashamed of, but it does provide a note of caution. Your Birmingham home’s roof can be damaged by a whole lot more than a heavy downpour. […]

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How The Right Roofer Can Help Your Insurance Claim

Homeowners insurance is supposed to be “there when you need it,” like when a tree falls on your roof. Some Birmingham homeowners are reluctant to file claims, though, because they think their premiums will rise. In the hands of the right roofer, you have nothing to worry about. […]

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