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A Checklist for Your Roof Inspection

A Checklist for Your Roof Inspection

Residential roofs require a periodic inspection from professionals. Instead of worrying about how to fix your own roof, it’s best to let a trained expert deal with assessing what type of maintenance is needed. Here’s a checklist for you to prepare for a roof inspection or repair.

1. Gather Documentation

There’s no need to go on the roof, but you can inspect ceilings to look for leaks. You may also want to review your energy bills to see if there’s an abnormal pattern of higher costs. Many times leaks can weaken the protection a roof provides against environmental elements. Find documentation of earlier roof inspection work to present to the technician. Keep in mind that the older a roof gets, the more vulnerable it becomes to climate conditions.

2. Visual Scan of the Roof

Conduct a visual scan of your roof from the ground to look for dark stains or curled shingles and debris. Use a camera to take pictures or videos so that you can examine the shingles more closely to see if they have been damaged by sunlight or wet weather. Take note of any sagging, curled or missing shingles. But even if the shingles appear to be in good condition, it still takes close and thorough roof inspection to know for sure if there is damage.

3. Check Your Gutters

It’s important that your gutters work properly for drainage. If the gutters get cluttered with leaves and debris it can accelerate wear and tear on the roof. If clogged gutters are neglected, it can lead to structural damage. As part of your preliminary roof inspection, check the downspouts to see that they are free of debris and leaks. Keep in mind that gutters near trees can quickly get clogged and require more periodic inspection.

Call A Professional

Doing a preliminary roof inspection from a ground perspective is helpful information to provide a professional roof inspector. It’s not necessary to get on a ladder or on your roof. Let experienced inspectors handle details that require safety gear. Contact us at Yellowhammer Roofing to learn more about how a regular roof inspection can prevent costly maintenance in the future.

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