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How To Tell Hail Damage Totaled Your Roof

Alabama is blessed to have very little snow, but this doesn’t mean our great state is free of ice. Hail, sleet’s much bigger brother, regularly peppers the state with damaging force. According to StormerSite, the city of Birmingham has had 77 reports of hail since 2004. Hail can not only dent cars and ruin landscaping; it can destroy a roof. 

Hail Hurts

Hail falls like small frozen balls from high altitude. The one-inch hail that hit Shannon and Birmingham does plenty of damage, since the nearly perfect round balls can fall at terminal velocity between 31 mph and 72 mph. When you move up to the massive 2.5-inch and three-inch hailstones which fell on April 5, 2017, in Birmingham neighborhoods, hail can completely destroy even the toughest roof. 

Hail Hits Home

When hail strikes a fiberglass-asphalt shingle roof, the damage can be subtle or obvious. Several warning signs of hail damage include: 

  • Random damage without a visible pattern
  • Hail strikes that are black
  • Loss of shingle granules, exposing the underlying roofing felt of the shingle
  • Asphalt or shingle mat that appears shiny
  • Spongy, soft areas of your roof, like a bruise on an apple

A residential steep-slope roof is no place for an amateur. Roofs are slippery and dangerous. See what you can from the safety of the ground, but do not hesitate to call your roofer to get a full roof inspection after any hail storm. 

Full Replacement?

Hail damage, because it is widespread, can lead to an insurance claim for a full replacement. You may wonder exactly how much hail damage totals a roof. Your roofer and an insurance adjuster are needed for such a decision. 

Rather than wait and wonder, make the call immediately after a hail storm: ask your friendly, local roofer for an evaluation. If the report comes back that hail damage should result in full replacement, then you can call your insurance company. 

No matter what, a hail-damaged roof will not heal itself. Get peace of mind. Call your roofer. You cannot see all the signs that a roof needs to be replaced the way you can notice a broken cell phone or malfunctioning microwave oven. The trained roofers of Yellowhammer Roofing are ready to help with the things you cannot see. Contact us today and rest easy tomorrow, knowing your roof is in trustworthy hands.

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