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How to Prepare Your Home For a Storm


Storm damage can greatly reduce the lifespan of your roof as well as other elements of your home. In Huntsville, residents try to prepare their homes for hail, strong winds, and heavy rain. However, some homeowners don’t know the proper procedures when checking their home for existing damage that could get worse when the storms hit.

Protect Your Windows

Storm windows can be expensive, so decide whether or not you need to purchase aluminum coverings, or build your own inexpensive storm windows with plastic film, or wood. Depending on the strength of wind that commonly affects your area, determine what will be best for your windows.

Roof Maintenance

Maintaining your roof is essential when dealing with storms. Do not let it get too far out of hand or it could result in a roof replacement rather than a simple repair. An inspection from one of our Yellowhammer Roofing contractors will help give you the best options available for your roof.

If roof damage is already present, it will become much worse in the event of a severe storm. Do not avoid roof repair. Replacing broken, missing shingles as well as flashing will help prevent leaks. If your roof starts to leak during a rainstorm, a shingle roof replacement may be necessary to protect your home from further storm damage.

Secure Loose Objects

Amidst strong wind currents and a heavy downpour of rain, lawn furniture, flower pots, toys, unsecured gutters, and the like will be candidates to fly away in the storm. Objects that are not secured properly can potentially bring about damage to not only your home but your neighbor’s home. Make sure to secure all loose or fragile items that reside on the exterior of your home by storing them in a garage or garden shed.

Make Sure Your Sump Pump is Working

In the event of a heavy rainfall, your basement could easily flood just like your backyard. Your sump pump will move water that has collected in your basement to a safe area outside of your home. Confirm that your sump pump is draining the water out of your basement properly to prevent a disaster from occurring on the inside of your home.

Schedule an inspection with your local Huntsville contractor, Yellowhammer Roofing. We are here to fix all the problematic sections of your roof and to help prevent your roof from sustaining any additional storm damage this season.

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