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Ways to Be Prepared for Roof Storm Damage Scenarios

Ways to Be Prepared for Roof Storm Damage Scenarios

Emergency roof repair can be very costly, and depending on the severity and location of any damage, it can also prove to be quite inconvenient and uncomfortable to you and members of your household. It’s always much better to be prepared for damage to your roof from powerful storms, so you’ll have a better chance of avoiding an emergency roof repair scenario.

Being prepared for emergency roof repair in Huntsville, AL

The spring and fall seasons generally usher in a succession of cold fronts to the Huntsville, AL region, and that can trigger some pretty strong thunderstorms, hail, and even the occasional tornado. Rather than hope the big one never strikes your residence, it would be much better to plan as though you will get caught by one of those massive storms, and take appropriate measures beforehand.

Here are some tips for being as prepared as possible:

  • Clear your gutters – if gutters are full of debris, any heavy rain will not be carried away from the roof as it should be, and it will instead accumulate in the gutters and by certain sections of the roof
  • Check for loose shingles – make sure you don’t have any loose shingles before a storm is coming, because they can be blown away, leaving your roof vulnerable to strong rains penetrating through. When you do your checking for loose components, do it from the ground, so you don’t become a pre-storm casualty yourself.
  • Keep the roof clear of branches – when winds and rain start whipping things around, shrubs and tree branches can easily get blown onto your roof, and any really heavy ones can cause serious damage. If you have any trees that could fall on the roof, you might want to consider having these removed. Yes, you might lose an attractive part of your landscape, but you won’t lose your roof.

Trust the roof experts

Before the storm season starts, it would be worth your while to contact the experts at Yellowhammer Roofing, Inc. to make sure your roof is ready for a season of potential bad weather. We can conduct a thorough examination of your entire roofing system, identify weaknesses, and discuss any findings with you. Storms themselves are pretty much unavoidable – but in many cases, damage to your roof from those storms is avoidable, and we can help with that.

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