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Prepare Your Home for a Cozy Autumn

The heat of summer is slowly transitioning into more comfortable autumn temperatures.  With cool mornings and earlier evenings upon us, now is the time to think of autumn spruce-ups, from roof repair to interior remodeling.


Autumn upkeep can begin with your home’s exterior, and a good place to begin is with the roof. If you suspect you will need roof repair before winter, contact Yellowhammer Roofing to make us part of your to-do list. Amateurs should not be on their roofs! We have the experience and tools to perform roof repair and maintenance work quickly and safely.

Since you should not be part of the roof repair routine, what can you do during fall to help your house? Many things:

  • Inspect your chimney’s exterior, looking for cracks that must be caulked
  • Check caulking (and recaulk as needed) around outside window and door frames to prevent water infiltration
  • Add pathway or driveway lighting for better wintertime visibility—Go solar to save money and ease installation
  • Replace faded mulch around trees and flowerbeds with organically dyed red mulch for a fresh, autumn-colored look
  • Decorate your front porch or entryway with cornstalks, a straw bale, and a few brightly colored gourds
  • Invest in a rotary composter to avoid leaf removal and gain great topsoil
  • Faulty gutters often lead to leaks and roof repair—Safely inspect your gutters from an extension ladder; add leaf guards to prevent clogs and water damage
  • Inspect the foundation walls around your home; fill cracks with cement


Autumn colors are those warm, cheerful tones that can lift many a sour winter mood. Fall is a great time for a dramatic room repainting, using strong reds, oranges and yellows for accent colors.

Don’t want to paint? Purchase accent pieces, like pillows, picture frames, fabric hangings or knick-knacks in those same autumnal colors.

Local Help Available

For roof repair, gutters or siding solutions before winter sets in, contact Yellowhammer Roofing for expert advice and quality work. We service the roofing needs of Birmingham, Huntsville, and the surrounding region.

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