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How Much Damage Should Your Roof Have Before Getting Repairs?

How Much Damage Should Your Roof Have Before Getting Repairs?

How much damage is too much? Wreck a wedding cake, and you could be unhappily “famous.” Let a storm wreck your roof, and you could be fighting mold and respiratory infections. Your roof is not meant to sustain a series of “minor” roof problems before you contact your local residential roofer.

When is Enough Enough?

A typical Alabama home’s shingle roof is not waterproof; it is water resistant. It repels water thanks to overlapping fiberglass-asphalt shingles atop resilient underlayment. These two roofing layers send water down to your gutters (another roofing element) and off the roof. 

A shingle roof does not have redundant backups for every component, so fast action (a call to your nearby residential roofer) is needed when you see problems like these:

For most residential roofing contractors, no job is too small. They know, for instance, a single nail hole caused by a missing roofing nail can let gallons of water into your Alabama home’s attic space during a thunderstorm. They know that flashing serves a valuable purpose, so corroded or loose flashing means immediate repair. 

When, Though?

Can a roofer come right away when you call with your concern? Not always. For example, a roof should be repaired when weather and conditions allow it. 

Alabama and Tennessee do not suffer the severe winter blows Mother Nature dishes out to our northern neighbors, but low temperatures can make roof repair difficult. Any trace of ice or rain is also not ideal for roof repair work

That does not mean waiting until a perfect spring day to call your roofer. Contact your trusted roofer right away so that the earliest possible date for an appointment for repair can be arranged. 

Besides the time of year and appropriate weather, the other “when” about scheduling roof repair is deciding when your roof will benefit from a repair and when it needs a complete roof replacement

Find accurate answers to these questions by contacting your neighborhood roofer. Arrange a roof inspection and discuss your concerns with your roofer’s representative. 

No roof can heal itself, and time is never on your side. Roofing damage must be repaired as quickly as your schedule and budget allow. For superior service and fast roof repair, contact us today at Yellowhammer Roofing. With locations in Tennessee and Alabama, we provide a complete range of residential roofing services.

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