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We Live Where We Work: Why Community Involvement Is Important

Hire a storm-chasing roofer even once, and you will quickly learn why community involvement is important. Good construction industry contractors live and work in their communities. Sure, they may dispatch proficient crews far from home base, but they always come home. At Yellowhammer Roofing, community involvement is essential. 

That Storm Chaser

If you are unfamiliar with the term, “storm chaser” describes those opportunists who cross state lines to take money from desperate, frightened folks.

As soon as a tornado, hurricane, or major winter storm passes through, storm chasers follow. They hope to cash in on distressed homeowners with battered homes. They will slap a “new” roof on and scoop up insurance money. Then they disappear. Then the “new” roof fails in three months or a year. And the storm chaser is nowhere to be found.

Good contractors have no patience with storm chasers. We invest our time, efforts, and finances in our own communities. We like to build up our neighbors, not soak them. We take pride in providing good people with good roofs, and we stand by our work. 

My Friend Has a Hammer

Ranking just above the storm chaser is Dan with a Van or Chuck in His Truck. These folks mean well, but the one-person shop cannot maintain your roof’s warranty. These guys and gals seldom have the right tools and almost never have any factory training.

You have no worries when you work with a reputable, local roofer. You always have someone who has your back.

Into Practice

We are not asking you to knock on a neighbor’s door for a free roof repair. Our excellent, highly trained crews do not freelance for their families and friends. But a good contractor — and Yellowhammer Roofing is one of the very best — wants to be both neighbor and friend.

Yellowhammer Roofing’s employees live among our clients. We may roam our Alabama and Tennessee service areas, but we consider ourselves part of the Huntsville, Franklin, Nashville, and Athens communities.

Remember the old movie trope of the town doctor reminding everyone that he or she brought half the town into this world? Good roofers feel a similar pride in seeing roofs they installed in their own neighborhoods. They drive to Yellowhammer Roofing’s offices or dispatch to a job and pass dozens of past success stories. Wouldn’t you rather have a skilled member of your community work on your home than a complete stranger?

Words into Action

No amount of blah-blah blogs will affect our communities as much as a single day of neighborly action. Yellowhammer Roofing prides itself on giving back to the areas we live and work in. We have so many examples this will seem like bragging:

  • Roof Deployment Project
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Bike or Bust
  • Bundles of Hope
  • Hearts on Fire For Arts ’N Autism
  • 80s Technicolor 5K & 1- Mile Run

Well, as the great Bear Bryant (Roll Tide!) said, “It ain’t bragging if it’s true.” If you will excuse a little more truth-telling, consider these tidbits related to our community action:

  • We gladly repaired a military service member’s roof for free. We felt so good about being able to give back to those who selflessly served this country!
  • We are proud to have former service members as part of our awesome staff.
  • We turned an equipment trailer into a bike carrier to move 30 bikes to the charitable Bike or Bust event.
  • Bundles of Hope, a nonprofit organization providing diaper bundles to local needy families, was the benefactor of our Halloween party which collected enough monetary donations to provide Christmas dinners for more than 25 families affiliated with Huntsville’s neonatal intensive care unit.
  • Who knew a flower had so much power? Our generous employees ordered and delivered bouquets to benefit Arts ’N Autism’s campaign to buy art supplies, summer camp expenses, musical instruments, and group activities for autistic kids in the program.
  • Yellowhammer Roofing is proud to have been a Gold Level Sponsor for the 80’s Technicolor 5-kilometer and 1-mile run which benefited the For Life Ministries’ initiative to “educate, equip, and empower families in our community to achieve their educational, financial, and personal goals” throughout Madison County.

Yes, It Matters

All work is noble, and all decisions matter. The roofer you select has a direct-line connection to your community. Send your roofing money out of town with a storm chaser and your community feels no benefit.

Work with responsible, caring local contractors, and your roofing budget is recycled back into the community. You get a roof, we get a loyal client, and the neighborhood gets stronger. Yellowhammer Roofing is committed to the people, homes, and roofs of our community. Contact us today to learn what we can offer you in roofing services. We look forward to having the opportunity to earn your trust. And remember, we live where we work!

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