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Perfect from beginning to end!

“TheYellowhammer team was perfect from beginning to end! From the initial roof assessment – coordinating installation – hardworking, fast team performing the installation – to clean up – it was all a good experience and we highly recommend Yellowhammer!!!”
Andy & Marti

We couldn’t be happier with the finished product.

 “When it comes to my roof, I’m not looking to take shortcuts or seeking out the lowest bidder. I’m looking forvtop quality and professionals. That’s Yellowhammer came in. A local, reputable company that makes quality a top priority. They did an excellent job taking us through the entire process from start to finish. They explained every step and every type of material that would be used, plus gave us all the options available for upgrading the existing roof. We chose 3 upgrades: ridge vent, drip edge and architectural shingles. Yellowhammer’s QC manager was on site during the process to make sure I was happy and the job was done right. We couldn’t be happier with the finished product.”
Larry H. 

Call Yellowhammer Roofing first

“I called Yellowhammer Roofing after having two different local contractors, each with decades of experience, troubleshoot and make repairs to my leaking chimney on over 6 different occasions over the past year. Each time, it continued to leak just as much as before. They all stopped calling and their guarantee on their work fell short when they couldn’t properly diagnose the problem. When S. Murphy from Yellowhammer showed up, he took his time to inspect the fireplace in the home, attic, walk around the property, and get on the roof. He immediately recognized the problem, and also knew that it was an issue he could not sell me a repair for. Instead, his recommended fix was a DIY solution that I was capable of performing myself. Rather than wrap up and be on his way, he spent a lot of time carefully explaining to me how he arrived at his diagnosis, showing me every symptom of the issue at different areas of my property and even pointing out where I would have a problem in the future with a retaining wall if I didn’t address it. After dispensing extremely valuable advice, he left without charging me anything. He made sure I didn’t feel like I was putting him out by saying he loves traveling to my remote area. I didn’t call Yellowhammer Roofing first because, admittedly, I saw them as a name brand that would charge more. I’m embarrassed to say how much not calling them first cost me in the long run paid out to other contractors that didn’t fix the problem.”
Casey W.

I also loved Yellowhammer’s professionalism

“I absolutely loved my dealings with Yellowhammer Roofing. I got three estimates and it is because of Yellowhammer’s honesty that I went with this company. I felt like I was talking to an old friend after the first meeting. I also loved Yellowhammer’s professionalism, their willingness to work with me and his assurance to get the job done quickly and within the set budget. Yellowhammer was able to get me on the calendar 3 weeks earlier than planned and they were done in two days. I have a great insurance company but I did not have to deal with them; Yellowhammer took care of everything… effortless process for me. I would definitely recommend them to everyone and I would use Yellowhammer again!”
Belinda C.

Very, very professional

“Outstanding from start to finish!!!! Very, very professional and excellent pre-roofing service and clean up afterwards. I highly recommend Yellowhammer.”
Henry s.

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