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How To Tell If Your Insulation Should Be Replaced

Kids hate tests. Adults, amazingly, seek them out online and in waiting room magazines. Here’s a test many Alabama homeowners would fail: when should insulation be replaced? Here are all the cliff notes you need to earn an A+. 

Electric Bill$

Find an electric bill from a year or so ago. Compare month-to-month between then and now. If your electric bills have been climbing, your insulation may be the culprit. Proper attic insulation will lower your energy bill. 

No See ‘Em

No, not no-see-ums, the biting midges. We refer to your attic joists, which should be invisible.

If you can see those parallel pieces of wood, you do not have enough attic insulation. You may not need it replaced, but you certainly need more of it.

An Alabama attic should have an insulation value of up to R60. Fluffy, blown-in fiberglass insulation can bury those joists under a thick, comforting blanket. 

Hot and Cold

An Alabama home that is tough to heat or cool probably has inadequate or outdated insulation. Your heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment should all operate on cycles, not run nonstop.

An AC system struggling to keep you cool in spring and summer will work longer and harder than it should. That leads to expensive repairs or premature replacement.

In winter, your home should be cozy, not stifling. Attic insulation and proper ventilation are key to year-round comfort. A hard-to-heat (or cool) home is a sign your insulation needs replacing. 

Draft Dodger

In winter, do members of your family walk around indoors with scarfs on? Ask ’em why: they are avoiding the cold drafts that sneak up and put a kink in their necks.

You should not be unpleasantly surprised by cold spots or downdrafts from cold attic air. Ideally, your attic’s air temperature should be the same as the outside air, but indoors should be comfortable, dry, and snug. All that separates those two air environments is a little paint, some drywall, and insulation.

Inadequate attic insulation lets hot air escapes from your heating living space up into the cold attic, creating a vicious cycle of drafty air. The fix? Beautiful, bountiful blown-in fiberglass insulation. 

Turning to Yellowhammer Roofing is your best, safest choice with attic insulation. Protecting your home, lowering your energy bills, and improving your home’s inside air are all part of our mission. Contact us today and enjoy more comfort tomorrow!

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