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Lessen Storm Damage to Your Roof with These Steps

Lessen Storm Damage to Your Roof with These Steps


Here in the Birmingham area, we’re fortunate to escape the devastating storms that hit coastal areas of Alabama, but stormy weather here can still produce damaging winds, heavy downpours, hail and even the occasional tornado. Since the roof is your home’s first line of defense against severe weather, it makes good sense to keep it in the best possible condition. Here are some steps you can take to lessen the risk of storm damage that requires costly shingle roof repair:

Keep Your Roof Well Maintained

When a storm brings whipping winds and heavy rain, loose shingles can get torn right off, or a single gap in the flashing can let a flood of water into your attic where it ruins the insulation and the ceiling drywall below. To catch developing issues early on, before they lead to extensive storm damage or serious leaks, have your roof inspected once a year by a certified roofing professional.

Take Recommended Actions Right Away

The inspection report you’ll receive after each roof check-up should detail the condition and expected lifespan of your roof, as well as any issues that were found. If your inspector includes recommendations for repairs, get them taken care of promptly even if they don’t seem especially serious. Minor wear and damage like a few lifted, cracked or broken shingles, sections of missing/damaged flashing or caulking, and uplifted nails here and there can let wind-driven rain underneath the shingles where it can deteriorate the roof decking, or allow water seepage into your attic and exterior walls.

Pay Attention to Your Gutters

The gutter system plays a key role in redirecting rainfall away from the roof so your home stays dry and safe from harm during a storm. If the gutters are clogged up, rain can easily back up under the roof edge and into your attic. To keep water flowing freely, make sure your gutters are cleaned out and well-maintained.

Look After Your Landscaping

Tall trees around your home can provide welcome shade and boost its curb appeal, but their overhanging limbs can wreak havoc on your roof if they break and fall in a storm. To minimize the risk of damage, have the limbs of any nearby trees cut back so there’s at least 10 feet of clearance from your roof.

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