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How To Finance Your Next Roof Replacement

Two real-life problems: you need a new roof; you don’t have the money. We have all been in tight financial spots, but with roof replacement, you are risking everything you own when you delay. Think about it: your home’s roof protects all your other possessions. With an attached garage that includes the family autos, too. For roof replacement that just can’t wait, you need finance options from a local, reliable roofing contractor.

More Than Mac and Cheese

Can you finance roof replacement? Financing a new roof may call for your most creative ideas in meeting the twin challenges of the urgent need for a new roof and the reality of an empty wallet:

  • Finding a local lender — bank, credit union, savings and loan — with low rates
  • Asking family members for low-interest or no-interest loans
  • Selling off “spare” vehicles, leisure equipment, jewelry, or tools
  • Taking a second job

Often the rates you get in an emergency, such as the pressing need for a new roof, are very high. You are left with enormous monthly bills, bills so high they may eat into your monthly food budget.

But what if you could arrange financing through the very roofer offering to solve the roof replacement problem? What if such financing was as easy as applying online

With Yellowhammer Roofing’s innovative arrangements with several reputable local lenders, you can get the roof replacement you need and still afford to feed your family more than macaroni and cheese.

Easy Peasy Finance

Some Alabama and Tennessee homeowners worry that roof replacement financing is complicated, mysterious, and expensive. A roofer who can connect you to stable, financially strong lenders makes roof replacement, and financing, easy peasy. Who better to know exactly how much the new roof will cost than the company providing the initial inspection, estimate, and replacement roof? 

With financing available through Yellowhammer Roofing’s lending partners, your roof and loan can be expedited, preserving your home’s value and safeguarding all of your possessions. Rates are competitive and are based on your credit history. Because Yellowhammer Roofing has the resources to join with not one, but several lenders, you have options. If one lender cannot offer a program to fit your budget, another one likely can. 

Yellowhammer Roofing is your Alabama and Tennessee roofer ready to help with sound advice, safe financing, and impeccable customer service. We will work with you to solve your roof replacement challenge. Contact us today!

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