Are All Types of Attic Insulation Equal?

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Are All Types of Attic Insulation Equal?

Attic insulation comes in many different varieties, and each has its strengths and weaknesses. The type you need may vary by geographical location or household construction. Here are the general insulation types and their qualities – along with an explanation of why most reliable contractors choose blown-in attic insulation:


Attic Insulation Types:

Spray Foam

Spray foam can fit into crevices and uses air pockets to keep heat and cold where they belong — outside of your home. The downside? This kind of insulation tends to be heavy and can be difficult to control. Once it dries, removal is extremely difficult. This can complicate the maintenance of wires and other mechanical aspects of your home down the road.

Foam Board

Foam board uses the same basic insulating principle as spray foam – with a much easier removal when performing maintenance on your home. The bad news: this type of attic insulation cannot plug all cracks and crevices due to its rigid measurements. If the installer incorrectly measures the space to be filled with this type of attic insulation, the end result is gaps that compromise your overall insulation quality. Foam board also carries the disadvantage that it can easily be broken, which also compromises the quality level of the insulation.

Fiberglass Batts

Fiberglass batts are extremely popular – they are easy to measure and cut and can be overlapped as much as you like. The only con to using this type of insulation is that, over time, it settles, and loses its necessary R-value.

Blown-in Insulation

At Yellowhammer Roofing, we love blown-in insulation. It is easy to install and combines most of the best qualities of every other type of insulation. The numerous tiny air pockets present after installation contribute significantly to making this attic insulation great for the Athens area.

Picture 1 (1)AttiCat® insulation is non-rigid fiberglass – which means it will move into every area it is blown into by the installer. It does not settle over time – thus retaining its insulating qualities permanently. With a non-rigid form, accessing wiring or other mechanicals is as simple as temporarily brushing some insulation to one side.

Excellent insulation choices start with understanding the needs of you and your Athens home.

Since better insulation increases your home’s energy efficiency, we will always stand by AttiCat®’s blown-in insulation.

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