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When Roof Damage Calls For An Insurance Claim

That loose shingle — is it something you can ignore, have repaired by a handyman, or should you file an insurance claim on it?

What about the storm which swept through, taking a small part of your garage roof with it? Who should handle that?

Roofing 101

Most Birmingham homeowners did not have to pass a quiz to buy their homes. They did not need to prove their complete familiarity with sheathing, underlayment, water shield, flashing and shingles. Good thing, too, since most homeowners are not trained to diagnose their own roofs.

How would you know the difference between a $100 repair and a $10,000 repair? What level of damage requires an insurance claim, and what can be left to your local, reliable roofer?

Acute or Chronic?

Acute problems in medicine mean they came on suddenly, like breaking a toe. Chronic problems in medicine come on slowly, like arthritis in your toe.

If you have an acute roofing problem, you probably need to file an insurance claim and get trained professionals to deal with it.

If you have a chronic roofing problem, you probably need only to call your helpful local contractor for small repair, annual maintenance, and careful roof inspections.

Eyes Do Not Have It

The typical homeowner cannot just eyeball some problems and say, “That’s an acute issue,” or “That’s a chronic problem.” You need a trained eye, a sure hand, and a confident mind to take a look and realize the loose flashing may lead to water infiltration, or the cracked and dented shingle (from last year’s tree branch) is signaling broken sheathing beneath.

If in doubt, call your nearby, certified roofer. If the problem really is minor, your roofer can schedule a speedy, small repair you pay for out of pocket. If the problem is major, you and the roofer can work together on filing and processing the insurance claim.


Honest roofers never pad their estimates to offset the deductible. A safer strategy for you is to start a savings account to cover any deductible and keep your roofer’s number handy.

Anytime you are unsure about a roofing insurance claim, contact Yellowhammer Roofing for straight talk, honest answers, and reliable service. Your repair may be too small to warrant a claim, or it may be far worse than you are able to diagnose. Let us help you, with small repairs and big insurance claims alike.

How the right roofer can help your insurance claim

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