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How to Be Your Roofer’s Best Friend Forever

Even as adults, we crave acceptance. We want people to like us, often in the worst of times. Be your roofer’s best friend during the hectic aftermath of storms by taking a few precautionary steps. Why do you want to be your roofer’s BFF? Because your roof protects just about everything you own. A storm’s damage can ruin not just your roof, but your belongings as well.


A roofer already familiar with your roof is a good friend to have when storms strike. Annual residential maintenance allows your local, friendly roofer to map out and understand your roof. Then, during storm recovery, the roofer is not having to learn all about your roof.

Roofers classify complexity of a job by the slope (pitch) of a roof, the materials on it, and the number of ridges and valleys. Every degree increase in pitch adds to the difficulty of working on the roof. The more dormers, gables and ridges you have, the more complicated a repair will be.

Give your roofer a chance to learn about your roof with annual inspections and regular maintenance. Then, when storms hit, your roof will be among the first, most easily repaired roofs.


Does anyone still use the old address and business card file, the Rolodex? Probably not, but having a ready list of important people is just good business and makes your roofer’s work easier:

  • Your local roofer’s telephone number
  • The name and number of your insurance agent
  • Contact information for a local, trusted tree service

In addition to contact numbers, have a copy of your homeowner’s insurance policy handy year-round and readily available. Your roofer may be able to glean valuable information about deductibles, limitations, or requirements (like damage mitigation before repair) that you may not notice.


Once a storm hits, your nerves and mental clarity may be a bit … off. Call your insurance company. Then call your roofer. Explain the issue clearly:

  • “The recent hurricane toppled a tree into my yard, taking several rows of shingles with it.”
  • “After the high winds and heavy rains, I can look up through my living room and see daylight.”

You will be that roofer’s BFF when you show you are prepared, organized, and ready for solutions. Contact Yellowhammer Roofing today to learn other pro tips for perfect roof repair after a storm.

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