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Fall Maintenance for Your Home

Working in and around Birmingham, the team at Yellowhammer Roofing enjoys watching the seasons unfold. Summer is a busy time for roof repair and reroofing but is also the hottest time to be up on roofs. We look forward to autumn and winter in Alabama, because the cooler weather is more comfortable for us while we are doing roof repair work. Unfortunately, cooler weather brings with it the likelihood of damaging storms. Getting your Birmingham home ready for fall is a roof-to-foundation job. 

Storm Damage Prevention

Safeguarding your home against storm damage begins at the roofline. While Yellowhammer does not recommend having homeowners get up on ladders or walk their own roofs, an annual roof inspection by a professional roofing contractor can lessen the need for roof repair or replacement. We can come out to your home and check for:

  • Loose or uplifted shingles
  • Dented, torn or damaged shingles
  • Flawed or missing flashing
  • Nail pops
  • Granules in your gutters

A storm can take a small flaw and magnify it, turning a single nail pop into a major leak. Wind-borne debris can tear up a fiberglass-asphalt roof, too, so we can check for signs of blunt force impact. If roof repair is needed due to earlier, neglected damage, we can make the repairs before the worst storms approach, making your home safe for fall and winter weather.


Your home’s gutters carry rainwater from storms away from roof and foundation. Clean, clear gutters are a must. If water backs up, it can flow in behind your fascia and down into your walls, bringing with it mold and mildew.

Your siding should be checked over for any failures in caulking or attachment points, since wind-driven rain can easily be forced up behind openings in vinyl, cement fiber or aluminum siding.

Deck and Patio

The challenge with storm prevention is not just from your gently sloping roof, where wind uplift can spell roof repair after a storm. You also must think about the horizontal surfaces of your deck and patio, which take the full force of airborne debris. Check the integrity of deck boards; test the strength of your railings.

Your patio, if concrete or natural stone, can be damaged from falling limbs. Make sure any overhanging limbs are healthy and strong.

Remember to contact Yellowhammer Roofing for roof repair and inspection before winter’s worst winds blow.

“We’re The Calm After The Storm”

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