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Why Roofing Manufacturer Credentials Matter in a Big Way

The biggest names in roofing — GAF and Owens Corning — are powerhouses in the building supplies sector. They produce outstanding roofing materials of uniformly superior quality. They entrust those materials to residential and commercial roofers. How can these companies ensure the quality of their products, after they leave their factories?

Credentials Matter

Roofing materials manufacturers offer roofing companies various levels of warranties and support. To the best roofers go the best warranties, the strongest backing, and the best levels of support. 

This may sound harsh, but business is business. You cannot offer a storm-chaser the strongest roofing warranty, because you will lose money fixing the slipshod, haphazard work. You only offer the industry’s longest-lasting warranties and best contractor support to, well, the best contractors. 

The credentials a good, local roofer earns are marks of merit. They distinguish a roofer, such as Yellowhammer Roofing, as being among the very best. Owens Corning, for example, designates Yellowhammer Roofing as a Platinum Preferred Contractor, meaning the contractor can offer clients a 50-year warranty on shingles. 

Who Rates?

Who does the manufacturer’s rating matters, too. At Owens Corning, Yellowhammer Roofing receives a 4.5-starrating from customers, not Owens Corning alone. The feedback scores are impressive:

  • 90 percent highly rated Yellowhammer’s Communication
  • 98 percent highly rated Yellowhammer’s Quality of Workmanship
  • 100 percent highly rated the Value Received

In total, 98 percent of surveyed clients would recommend Yellowhammer Roofing to other customers. 

Owens Corning does its own research, too. It requires Platinum Preferred Contractors to hold all applicable state and local licenses, at least $1 million in general liability insurance, and submit to screening for financial stability and customer service. 


In return for reaching the milestones of a manufacturer’s credentialing program, a roofer is able to offer the strongest warranties to customers. A typical roofing warranty for a baseline three-tab shingle may last only 10 years. 

Choosing the contractor chosen by the manufacturer gives you the best protection, best workmanship, and the best roof. Protect your family and your investment with the best warranty protection. Pick a contractor with strong manufacturer credentials. 

Contact Yellowhammer Roofing to connect with an award-winning company. As a local, dedicated roofer who strives every day to earn our credentials, we prize our many manufacturers’ certifications and recognition. Yet we prize even more the clients who value our work. Let us make you one of those clients.

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