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A Facelift from Foundation to Roof

While traveling around the Athens area, our contractors at Yellowhammer Roofing see a lot of homes get makeovers. Homeowners love changing their landscaping, repainting their house fronts, or changing out window styles. Too often, though, we notice that they overlook important, basic steps they can take to spruce up their homes. Here are some face-lifting ideas for your home improvement considerations:

A traditional styled older home decorated in autumn decore.
Trimmed shrubs and crisp edges.


Tidying up and trimming back your overgrown lawn is a great way to reclaim a home and give it a fresh look. Shrubs near the house may have risen to the size of small trees. Small plantings may have sent out runners that invade your lawn. Consider these options:

  • Remove all but the largest, most developed trees
  • Add fresh sod
  • Put in planters or edging to restrain small growth
  • Replace older, tall shrubs with new, smaller plants to make your home appear larger

Designing with an Eraser

Sometimes reducing features can bring a house back to life. Fads come and go, often leaving an awkward aged look in their wake. If your Athens-area home has suffered through several architectural changes, consider removing or simplifying some of those additions:

  • Unnecessary or non-functioning shutters
  • Over-wide trim moldings, such as fascia boards or elaborate window treatments
  • Outdated ornamental trim, especially inexpensive molded plastic pieces
  • Hodgepodge siding on additions that clash with the original house siding
  • “Overwrought” wrought iron railings

Shingle Roofing

Start from the ground up: be sure of your foundations first, then move up to the roof. Any cosmetic changes you make to the front of your home will be undermined by a deteriorating shingle roof.  Here, at least, we can give you a hand. Like all good roofing contractors, we offer roof inspections: making sure that your roof is in top condition – and if it’s not, we can pinpoint the problem.  We will check for flaws such as:

  • Missing shingles
  • Ripped, curled or damaged shingles
  • Loose granules
  • Loose flashing
  • Dented or damaged shingles

If you feel your makeover budget has a little leeway, consider a whole new look to your shingle roofing, by looking at deeply cut architectural shingles or changing to a much lighter color (which also lowers your Athens home’s cooling bills).

Prioritize when Updating Older Houses

Older homes have their own particular problems: rotted wood trim, water damage, drafty windows, and roof leaks. Begin any makeover by bringing your home up to a solid, weather-tight condition.

Prioritizing tasks is essential: start with the fundamental, important areas: foundation, plumbing, electric, walls, and roof – if these are functioning, then move on to cosmetics. Money spent on improving energy efficiency, such as waterproofing the foundation or repairing shingle roofing, will essentially save up money for cosmetic facelifts further down the road.

Yellowhammer Roofing is an Owens Corning Platinum Preferred contractor who is committed to providing quality roofing services to our neighbors in the Athens area.  Contact Yellowhammer Roofing for an inspection of your shingle roofing today.

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