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When Is It Time for a Roof Inspection?

When Is It Time for a Roof Inspection?


For many reasons, a roof inspection is essential for homeowners to schedule at least once a year. If you put off a roof inspection, serious damage can occur quickly and easily. Extra roof repair, a full roof replacement, and extreme damage to the inside of your home can be the result of waiting to schedule a roof inspection.

Take a Short Walk

Every couple of months you can perform a quick inspection by yourself without leaving the ground. Take a quick walk around your the perimeter of your home to see if anything looks out of ordinary.

What Are We Looking For?

An abundance of missing or broken shingles, spots that are sagging, or algae and moss growth can all be tell-tale signs that you need a roof inspection to see what is going on with your roof!

Missing, cracked and curled shingles can easily allow rainwater and humidity to seep into your roof, causing leaks. Mold can grow in these areas, causing condensation to form on the underlayment of your roof.

Moss is easy to spot on shingles and can tell you that the base wood of your roof may be rotting. Rotted underlayment can be the cause of your sagging roof, and leaks. If you see your roof is sagging at all, call your contractor right away! A sagging roof can be a warning sign that your roof is about to collapse!

Benefits of a Roof Inspection

In the long run, a roof inspection will save you a lot of stress and even money! If you catch the damage quickly enough with an inspection and a repair, you will increase the life of your roof. You can save money by paying for quick repairs instead of putting it off and paying for the fix of a roof failure.

Find a Reputable Contractor

It is best to work with a trusted contractor from your hometown. When you are comfortable with the person or team you are working with, you get more out of the experience. You know that they won’t try to charge you for hidden fees, or roof repairs that aren’t actually needed, and you can form a bond with them, knowing they will come back around to help again if deemed necessary.

Call your Athens roofing company, Yellowhammer Roofing, to schedule a roof inspection to save you from the disasters a damaged roof can bring.

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