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How Storm Damage Can Destroy Your Roof

Birmingham has survived many storms. Though our fair city has been spared Category 4 or 5 hurricanes, the devastation brought by the half-dozen Category 3 storms has reminded all of us to take storms seriously. Commercial building owners with large expanses of low-slope roofing must be particularly wary, given all the damage a storm can cause.

Tiered Damage

The superior storm restoration Birmingham companies need must provide quick, reliable service and thorough repair. Storm damage is tiered; major damage is evident immediately and demands fast response. Yet storms can also cause smaller, less noticeable damage that starts an unfortunate countdown to further catastrophe.

Major Damage

Rooftop storm damage need not come from a measured hurricane; even a brief thunderstorm can create wind uplift that tears apart a commercial building’s roof. 

Wind damage can also come from changes in pressure, as high-speed winds moving across a flat roof will lower the air pressure, causing the building itself to push the roofing material up. This opens seams, breaks bonds holding flashing, and can tear mechanically fastened roofing off the building.

A roof collapse is, obviously, the most catastrophic end a Birmingham business could suffer. The roof surface plays little role in a roof collapse; the issue is the roof deck and structural failure, though that failure could be worsened by standing water from clogged drains.

Minor Damage

Perhaps more insidious than visible major storm damage are the many small issues. Rain can drive horizontally into the smallest openings in seams. Hail can pockmark a roofing surface, while wind can scour ballast from areas, exposing the roof to further damage.

Though many Birmingham storms do not bring sustained high winds, even short-lived gusts can cause mechanical fasteners to give way. A common issue is an elongation of the fastener holes from wind and thermal expansion, so a once-tight bolt or anchor is now just a bit loose, leading to further damage.

Long-Lasting Problems

A single storm can inflict rooftop damage that leads to long-lasting problems:

  • Ponding
  • Damp insulation and compression
  • Water infiltration
  • Clogged drains and scuppers
  • Intermittent leaks

For storm restoration, Birmingham businesses turn to local contractors familiar with the types of damage our area experiences. Depend on the professionals at Yellowhammer Roofing, Inc. to correct any storm damage, large or small. Please contact us today!

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