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10 Easy Exterior Maintenance Projects

Without a well-maintained, healthy roof, your home is literally at risk from the elements.  Here are 10 easy easy spring-cleaning projects that will help to bolster the strength and longevity of your roof. 

1. Cleaning gutters

The first step to a roof checkup is cleaning out the gutters and checking them for wear.  Clogged gutters are responsible for major problems in spring and winter.  With a spotter at the bottom of your ladder, clean out the gutters, removing all debris.  Next, flush gutters with a garden hose if possible.

2. Inspect the roof

Look for loose building material, wear to the pipes, shingle roof repair issues, rust, fungus, and algae.  It helps to write down these issues or take photos to help you can remember where they are and figure out what you’ll need to fix them. Note: Unless you have equipment and help to safely access your roofing system, please inspect the roof from the safety of the ground – with a pair of binoculars in hand.

3. Treat the trouble spots

Little problems can be fixed with a little know-how and some elbow grease.  Others might require more extensive work from a professional contractor.

4. Shingle roof repair

Shingle roof repair is a bigger issue—it can be done by dedicated novices, but is best left to professionals.  If you decide to repair loose or missing shingles, choose a day with minimal wind and no rain.

5. Further inspections

Check out the fascia, coping, flashing, and other edge metals for solidity and security.  Contact a roofing contractor if any of these need attention. Perimeter damage may lead to roof deterioration or, in extreme cases, collapse.

6. Check indoors

Look at the ceilings inside your home; water damage there may mean structural comprise in the roof.  Ceiling stains may be caused by a roof leak, damaged piping, or even a leak in your home’s siding.

7. Spray wash

To keep your home looking its best, spray wash (no power-washing!) the entire exterior of your house. Simply start with the roof and work your way down.

8. Chimney cleaning

Every bit as vital to roof health as shingle roof repair, chimney cleaning should be done in the spring, when the soot from winter fires is heaviest.

9. Repair gutter and downspout seams

This is a little more advanced, since it requires balance and a ladder.  Repairing the gutter and downspouts can be a great way to ensure that your home’s foundations will be protected from water runoff.

10. Take a photo!

Celebrate the work you’ve done to keep your home in top condition and ready for the warmer months of spring and summer.

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