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Summer Maintenance Tips for Your Home

Huntsville’s summer heat means long days, a search for cool relief, but also opportunity to spruce up your home. Summer is ideal for big projects like driveway sealing, landscape renovations, shingle repair and water systems. Most household maintenance is do-it-yourself, but some chores should be left to the professionals.

Driveway Sealing

If your asphalt driveway is looking grey, tired, cracked and parched, consider using an environmentally friendly sealer, such as Enviroseal LAS-320.

This not only preserves the asphalt without harming the environment but gives it a rich, black look like fresh asphalt. Run Belgian block along the edges for a clean, crisp look.

Landscape Facelift

With the equipment you have on hand, you can transform problem spots into low-maintenance hardscape. Not only is hardscape easier to maintain, it is a growing trend that increases property values. Consider low areas that collect water—these can be transformed into miniature wetlands surrounded by a simple cast-block circular wall.

Other ways to transform a yard:

  • Walkways, conversation circles or firepits—Less lawn means less to mow
  • A new patio—Bring in professional landscapers for the sand and gravel bed; lay the paving blocks, bricks or cast stones yourself to save money
  • Mowing—Let grass grow to three inches and cut it back only ½ inch every other week; use an edger for a crisp finish

Shingle Repair

Leave this one to the professionals, by calling Yellowhammer Roofing. Huntsville homeowners may own their homes from rooftop to foundation, but do not let your roof own you—stay off it and bring in trusted roofing professionals for:

  • Shingle repair—Whether one shingle or a new shingle roof, shingle repair can be slippery, dangerous work
  • Roof inspection—We can safely get up on your roof and check for damage, issues with flashing, and your need for shingle repair or replacement
  • Metal roofing—Slippery metal roofs are dangerous, but we have the right equipment and experienced crews

Water Systems

Summer is great for working with water. Inspect outdoor fixtures for wear, and replace washers on hard-to-turn faucets. Other ideas:

  • Add an outdoor sink for gardening
  • Replace hose bibs—These are often-neglected spigots in your foundation walls, for your outdoor hoses
  • Put in a doggy pool—Dig out a patch of lawn deep enough to hold a kiddie pool for your dogs to walk into from ground level

When you are ready to tackle your summer maintenance list, contact Yellowhammer Roofing for shingle repair and other roofing needs.

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