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Is Your Free Roof Inspection Really Free?

Is Your Free Roof Inspection Really Free?

If you have a “you get what you pay for” mindset, you might think that free roof inspections are too good to be true. The truth is, many reputable local roofing companies offer this valuable service to homeowners at no cost and with no obligation.

Can You Really Trust the Results of a “Free” Roof Inspection?

Trustworthy results really come down to who makes the initial contact and who performs the inspection:

  • If a recent storm has damaged roofs in your neighborhood, and an out-of-town roofer knocks on your door offering a free inspection, beware. You might be told that your roof is in bad shape and needs immediate replacement when it only requires minor repairs.
  • If you contact a reputable local roofer like Yellowhammer to schedule a free inspection, you should expect an in-depth and unbiased assessment, a detailed report on the condition of your roof, and a complimentary consultation about any concerning issues that need attention.

What Situations Make Having of a Free Roof Inspection Worthwhile?

Having routine twice-yearly inspections is recommended to keep a roof in top condition, but many homeowners don’t take advantage of this free service until problems start to develop. Oftentimes, it’s issues like these that prompt a call to a roofing contractor to schedule an inspection:

  • Bits of shingles or a lot of granules are found on the ground after a heavy rain.
  • Water drips or stains on the “ceiling” of an unfinished attic, or in the finished rooms below.
  • The homeowners’ insurance company notes that the roof is getting older, and requires an inspection to determine if a replacement is needed to continue their coverage.
  • Signs of significant damage are evident after a storm, such as areas of bare substrate, missing shingles, or deteriorated flashing.

Be Prepared For Potential Costs After a Free Inspection

Even though there’s no cost or obligation with a free inspection, it’s wise to prepare yourself for potential expenses based on what it reveals, especially if your roof is getting older, you suspect there’s storm damage or you’re already experiencing leaks. For peace of mind, have a dependable, certified roofing professional handle your inspection to ensure you’ll get sound advice and an accurate estimate whether your roof needs only minor repairs or a full replacement.

Contact us at Yellowhammer Roofing to learn more about the free roof inspections we offer for homeowners in Huntsville, Montgomery, and Birmingham.

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