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3 Preventable Disasters To Avoid By Not Ignoring A Leaky Roof

Some things are best left alone. Cottonmouth snakes, for example. What happens if you ignore a cottonmouth? It goes about its day, and you go about yours; no harm, no foul. Some things need attention, like a leaky roof. What happens if you ignore a leaky roof?


Ignoring a leaky roof does not make the leak go away. The damage grows with each passing day, each looming thunderstorm. Consider the path a single water drop follows from the roof to your living space:

  • The leak moves through underlayment and sheathing, leading to rot
  • The leak then drips onto rafters and joists, weakening these structural timbers
  • The leak seeps down onto attic insulation, dampening it and reducing its energy efficiency
  • The same leak, still following gravity’s pull, creeps onto your drywall ceiling, breaking up the plaster and soaking the paper
  • Finally, the leak drips into your living space, ruining furniture, carpeting, flooring, and more

The longer you wait to address a leaky roof, the more you have to spend on repairs. 


Along with moisture comes greedy, pernicious mold. Mold spores are everywhere but seldom propagate if humidity is low. A leaky roof? That is high humidity!

Expect to see — and smell — blackish-greenish mold grab hold in the sheathing, the attic, insulation, drywall, and even within your interior walls.  

Mold removal is extremely costly. Black mold can lead to all sorts of dangerous (and pricey) respiratory infections. 


Roof leaks shorten your roof’s life span. A good roof, with annual maintenance, should last decades. A leaky roof will cut life expectancy drastically.

Nobody can say for sure how long a leaky roof will last. Ignore a leaky roof and expect to be spending thousands of dollars on a new roof far sooner than you should have to. 

How can you get a longer life out of a roof? Get every leak repaired promptly. Have your local, helpful roofer give your roof a once-a-year inspection. Ask your roofer to check your attic to see if evidence of leaks is showing in the attic before water reaches your living space:

  • Discolored sheathing
  • Presence of mold or mildew
  • Rotten framing
  • Damp insulation
  • Insect bodies or rodent droppings
  • Dripping water

Every dollar you spend on getting small leaks fixed saves many dollars in the years ahead. 

Yellowhammer Roofing is your trusted ally in preventing residential roofing disasters. Contact us today about roof leaks, roof repair, or roof replacement.

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