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3 No-Fail Ways to Vet a Commercial Roofer

Vetting a commercial roofer for many commercial property managers consists of one thing: what the bid is. Yet far more is riding on your choice of commercial roofer than just a one-time bid. Consider these three ways to vet and select a commercial roofer to protect your company’s roof.

Certs First

Roofing experts at Facilities Net recommend examining any roofer’s bid for more than just the bottom line. One outstanding vetting principal is to let manufacturers clear the field for you. Says Facilities Net;

Check on the installer’s certification. Most roofing system manufacturers certify companies to install their products. As a result, the contractor’s employees receive  comprehensive training in installing the roof, and the manufacturer certifies that the contractor has performed up to its standards …

Why waste time calling around town to check on a roofer when the manufacturer has already done the legwork for you? Ask for the roofer’s installer certifications, credentials, and proof of fundamentals like insurance and licensing.

Trial Run

A great way to investigate commercial roofers in your area is to give each a trial run on simple repairs your roof may need from time to time. Turning to different experts at Facilities Net, we find “the best performing roofs are the result of a close partnership between the building owner or facilities executive and the professional roofing contractor.”

Close partnerships are built over time. Annual inspections and minor repairs are a great way to test a commercial roofer’s ability to respond, record, communicate, and warrant the work. In fact, says Facilities Net, such close ties can extend the life of a commercial roof from 13 years to more than 21 years, a huge cost savings for your company.

Dig It

To findthe best local commercial roofers, dig down. Dig into the company’s financials, history, and affiliations. Which manufacturers are they affiliated with? How have they prospered over the years? Are they known around town for quality work, for quick callback responses, and for providing strong warranties?

What about work capacity? If you envision a 20,000-square-foot reroofing project in the near future, can your roofer handle it?  What is the company’s strategy to install and maintain the roof?

By vetting commercial roofers for certifications, reliability and financial strength, you can trust your company’s roofing project to real, trustworthy pros. Contact Yellowhammer Roofing today to see how true professionals handle commercial roofing.

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