How Yellowhammer Builds Strong Community Relationships

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How Yellowhammer Builds Strong Community Relationships

We usually like to offer friendly, helpful advice on these pages. Today, though, we want to give the whole neighborhood a hug and explain how we strive to be part of our community by building strong relationships with our neighbors and friends.

Northern Flicker

You may have noticed that Alabama is firmly embedded in the nation’s south. Yet our state bird is the Northern Flicker. At Yellowhammer Roofing we know this because we see the little bird every time we see our logo. That bird on the hammer? Alabama’s one and only Northern Flicker. 

We are proud of our Alabama roots. Many customers think Yellowhammer Roofing must be a franchise, our reach is so large. We are not! We are proud of our level of professionalism, but that is all from within. No outside “regional manager” has to tell our crews how to do a superior roofing job, treat customers well, or go the extra mile. 

Giving Back

Swinging hammers (yellow or otherwise) is one way we support our community. We like to participate in a lot of community events:

  • Tractor shows
  • Chicken drops
  • Car shows
  • School events
  • High School tailgate parties
  • Knife shows

We love to participate in neighborhood efforts where we can donate items for giveaways (BINGO, tricky trays, high school football games). We want our friends and neighbors to put our friendly faces with our big, beautiful logo, Northern Flicker and all. 

Annual Efforts

Every year, the crews, office staff, and managers at Yellowhammer clamor to be part of events that help everyone: 

  • 5K runs — Breast Cancer Awareness, Chick-Fil-A, many others have all seen members of the Yellowhammer Roofing group out huffing and puffing (hey, 5,000 meters is a lot farther than you would think!).
  • Bikes or Bust — For children in our community who may not have a chance to get a bicycle for Christmas, we work from just after Thanksgiving right up until the magical night, helping where we can.
  • Education — Working with audio-visual students and the technology department of our local high school, we helped put together some mini-videos to support education.

Friendly Faces

Roofers, to be honest, have not always had the strongest reputations. People hear horror stories about the scoundrels who swoop in, do inferior work, and collect insurance payouts. 

Yellowhammer Roofing is not a storm chaser. Our crews are factory trained. We live and work here. We will be here for years to come. We do tremendous amounts of business without resorting to shady business tactics. 

Our good work speaks for itself. Yet getting our friendly faces out into the community also helps to spread the word: Yellowhammer Roofing is committed to performing excellent work. We are here 24/7. We are your go-to crew when bad weather hits! 

Before and after storm damage, we are here for you, our neighbors. 

Practical Help

The need among our Alabama friends and community is ever-present. We get that. We know that sometimes, giving a little more is just too much. Yet we never want to go to sleep at night knowing that somewhere, a fellow Alabaman is sleepless from worry, fear, or a leaky roof. 

  • We helped Habitat for Humanity put a beautiful new Owens Corning roof over military veteran Laverne Rivera’s head. Laverne, after sacrificing for our country, developed Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). We are honored to provide roofing service to one who served. 
  • We helped Bundles of Hope feed 25 Huntsville families whose babies were in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) over Christmas. 
  • We helped Hearts On Fire for Arts ‘n Autism by ordering and delivering flowers to raise money for the organization’s summer camp. 
  • We helped the Hayden Hulsey Foundation raise money to pay for little seven-year-old Hayden’s medical expenses, needed after a tragic motor vehicle crash. 
  • We are not doctors, florists, active duty soldiers, nurses, or even Santa Claus. We are roofers, and darn good ones. We do what we can, with what we have, when we can. 

Shining Through

The attitude that turns our eyes to our community and neighbors is the same attitude that produces outstanding results for you, our customers. We install amazing roofs. We do it all the time. 

How do you build strong relationships with customers? You make yourself known (check), you help out where you can (check), and you produce award-winning service (check and double-check). 

Our work is recognized by industry greats like Owens Corning, where we are a Platinum Preferred Contractor. The Decatur Daily named us “Best of the Best.” We have an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau

We got these honors through our work ethic, our pride in Alabama, and our superior customer service.  Become part of the Yellowhammer community. Contact us today to see if we can help you with roofing, maintenance, or roof repair work. 

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