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How To Boost The Length Of Your Roof Warranty

A roof warranty is a type of insurance policy. It insures your roof against manufacturer’s defects — and sometimes against installer’s errors — for a limited time. The weaker the warranty, the shorter the time. Is paying extra for a better warranty worthwhile? 

Warranties for Metal Roofing

You ask yourself, “How long is my roof warranty?” To be honest, most homeowners don’t know. Do you? If you have Yellowhammer Roofing install a sturdy, durable metal roof topped with GracoFlex coatings, you can count on a 50-year roof, easily. 

More, you can count on solid warranties on three aspects of your new metal roof:

  • A five-year warranty on labor and installation — We at Yellowhammer Roofing like to say, “For the first five years of your roof, Yellowhammer owns it!”
  • A warranty on the metal roofing itself, provided by one of our dependable manufacturing partners
  • A warranty on the coating and paint, including a 40-year non-fade warranty, backed by GracoFlex, manufacturers of superior roof coatings

Warranties for Shingle Roofing

GAF offers their best warranties to homeowners who use the best roofers. Yellowhammer Roofing can offer GAF’s System Warranty, which offers:

  • Lifetime protection for shingles
  • 10 years’ non-prorated protection
  • 15 years wind warranty
  • 10 years’ protection for StainGuard-labeled or Ridge Cap shingles

Owens Corning offers its supreme warranty to Platinum Preferred roofers like Yellowhammer Roofing:

  • 50 years of TRU PROtection® (including tear-off and disposal costs)
  • 15 years’ blow-off coverage
  • 10 years’ StreakGuard™ Algae Resistance
  • Lifetime workmanship coverage (reducing after 25 years)

This Owens Corning warranty comes at an additional cost, but for Alabama or Tennessee homeowners intending to live a full life under one shingle roof, it is a wise investment. 

Workmanship Warranty

Most roofers do not warrant — insure — their work themselves. They offer the manufacturer’s warranty only. If the manufacturer, such as GAF or Owens Corning, wishes to extend a warranty to cover installation error, then the homeowner has access to a strong warranty (as with Owens Corning’s Platinum Preferred warranty). If labor is not covered, the homeowner is stuck with a weaker warranty and added repair expenses.  

That makes Yellowhammer Roofing different and better. We insure our own installation with a workmanship warranty good for five years.

Contact Yellowhammer Roofing today! Not only can we offer you a fine metal or shingle roof, but we can also advise you on leveraging your roofing investment, which may mean paying a little extra for a better warranty.

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