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How To Get Insurance Repairs Like A Pro

How many times has your Birmingham home’s roof been damaged so badly you had to file an insurance claim?

Don’t get us wrong — we truly hope it’s never or only once. Most homeowners have no training or background in dealing with insurance repairs. If you face an insurance claim for a roof repair, use these helpful tips to get the repairs done like a pro.

Policy Expert

Before trouble strikes, know what your insurance policy covers. This means more than just scanning the cover sheet of your documents. Know:

  • What your deductible amount is
  • What types of damage is covered
  • Where to call to file a claim
  • The name, address and telephone number of your local agent

You may also wish to consider opening a special savings account to squirrel away the deductible amount. Then you never have to worry about finding the money to have repairs done.

Unpleasant Memories

This sounds odd, we admit, but document the damage. Awful as the tree limb on your roof is to contemplate, take photographs of roof damage from the ground or from a dormer window (never climb on your roof!).

The pictures can be helpful for both your insurance adjuster and the roofer. Remember to take pictures inside, too, in case the sheer weight of an impact on a roof cracked interior walls or ceilings.

Storm damage can extend beyond your roof, carrying shingles or tiles into your yard. Take pictures (or video) of it all.

Emergency Numbers

You know how to contact emergency services for police, fire, or ambulance. Have your local, trusted roofer’s telephone number just as handy. Even a temporary emergency roof repair can help stave off further storm damage. Asking for regular maintenance on your roof so you are calling a reliable, familiar face instead of a stranger.

Local Talent

Enlisting a storm repair roofer means relying on local talent. Ignore storm chasers and pick a contractor with roots in your community. The company will be familiar with and trusted by local insurance carriers and adjusters, too.

Most homeowners will make just a few insurance claims in the life of their Birmingham home. Contact the trained professionals of Yellowhammer Roofing to help you through this unfamiliar process. We can work with your insurance company, recommend a good balance between economy and durability, and help you at every stage of your claim.

How the right roofer can help your insurance claim

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