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How the right roofer can help your insurance claim

How The Right Roofer Can Help Your Insurance Claim

Homeowners insurance is supposed to be “there when you need it,” like when a tree falls on your roof. Some Birmingham homeowners are reluctant to file an insurance claim, though, because they think their premiums will rise. In the hands of the right roofer, you have nothing to worry about.

Simplicity Itself

A good roofing company develops a reputation for honesty, integrity, and quality work. Local insurance agents and regional adjusters get to know what to expect with the right roofer on the job.

The initial claim will be valid; a good roofer will not risk reputation or legal woes by getting entangled in an inflated claim. The work to be done will be the best remedy — not too much, not too little — so your Birmingham home is made whole again.

When you engage the right roofer for your insurance claim, the roof repair work becomes simplicity itself. The roofer knows the process, can assist with the claim, and will work directly with your insurance company’s adjuster. You have little to worry about while the work is done correctly, the first time.

Estimate First

When your roof is damaged from weather, falling trees or debris, contact your insurance company first, then call a local, dependable roofer. With the right call, you can transfer a lot of worry and detail work to your roofing representative:

  • Getting an accurate estimate
  • Deciding if a claim should be made at all
  • Meeting with the adjuster to detail the damage and prescribe a repair
  • Completing the paperwork

The average homeowner may not be able to tell from an on-the-ground visual inspection if roof damage will outstrip the deductible, but a qualified roofing professional can. An accurate estimate helps you decide between absorbing the cost of the repair yourself or filing the claim.

Filing a claim is easier, too, when the roofer knows the insurance claim process. The final invoice for the finished, perfect work can go directly from roofer to insurance company, helping you avoid being trapped as the middleman.

With a quick call to Yellowhammer Roofing, any roofing damage can quickly be made whole again. Yellowhammer Roofing works with insurance companies all the time. We know the process, we protect our customers and our reputation, and we fix roofs. Contact us today!

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