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The 3 Places Your Attic Requires Insulation

Blown-in attic insulation is as easy as 1-2-3. Your major decision is not where the insulation should go, but who puts it there. You can solve this problem quickly by relying on a local, helpful insulation contractor

Where Does Insulation Go in an Attic?

The key factor in determining where insulation must go in your attic is R-value. R-value determines how effective an insulation material is. The higher the level, the more insulating it will be. However, the three most important places insulation must go in an attic are::

  1. Over joists if the joists are exposed
  2. Over living areas
  3. In small, energy-robbing nooks and crannies

Some homeowners try to save a few dollars by purchasing their own rolls of paper-backed insulation batts. If you have no insulation at all, these can help, but it really is a short-sighted approach to long-term savings.

Let’s take a look at each area and understand why attic insulation is so important. 


Attic insulation works all year long, not just keeping warm air in but also preventing cool air from escaping. If you can see the tops of the joists — the horizontal, narrow wood boards spanning from wall to wall — you do not have enough insulation. The joists, ideally, should be buried under thick, comforting layers of fluffy, blown-in insulation. 

The federal Energy Star program offers a map which shows our section of the country needs at least R38 attic insulation in addition to the three to four inches already in place. If you have no attic insulation, R60 is the right number!

Exposed joists are an absolute priority: get that moisture-resistant blanket of blown-in insulation on them. 

Living Areas

You spend a lot of money heating, cooling, and treating your home’s interior living spaces. Above your home’s living areas, attic air sits waiting to steal all the expensively treated air. In summer, the heat from outside infiltrates into your cooled home. In winter, the warm, cozy heat escapes up through the ceiling. 

Insulation slows the transfer of treated air, so the space above every living area is prime real estate for attic insulation

Nooks and Crannies

The third place to insulate an attic is really several small spaces: all those nooks and crannies impossible to reach with batts. With efficient blown-in cellulose insulation, your professional installer can reach all those trouble spots. That prevents heat rising in winter and cool air escaping in summer. 

By having a trained professional from Yellowhammer Roofing blow in your attic insulation into those three strategic areas, you can save money, increase comfort, and improve your energy efficiency. Contact us today!

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