Behind The Scenes With Owens Corning Insulation

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Behind The Scenes With Owens Corning Insulation

Can you name a brand of chicken that features 11 herbs and spices? Sure you can. The reason? Only one brand, KFC, can make that claim. Can you name a brand of insulation that is pink? Again, you sure can: reliable, efficient Owens Corning Fiberglas™ insulation. But let’s find out: “Why is Owens Corning insulation pink?” and go behind the scenes with other facts about Owens Corning insulation.

A Peek at Pink

Behind the scenes at the Owens Corning manufacturing sites scattered around our great nation, plenty of pink insulation rolls off the lines. In no other company is that true! 

Another brand uses white insulation and green insulation. If you find yellow fiberglass insulation, you’ve found the generic color for insulation made by any old company. 

Only Owens Corning produces the beautiful, vibrant pink color – and it has since 1956. Only Owens Corning has teamed up with MGM’s famed cartoon character, The Pink Panther™ for over 40 years, an anniversary that just rolled around August 17, 2020. 

In all those 40 years, The Pink Panther has silently but surely shown an admiring public why Owens Corning Fiberglas™ insulation sits pretty and pink above the competition. 

Does Not Burn

We will get to all the other advantages of pink Owens Corning fiberglas™ insulation, but we first want to allay any fears. You ask, “Is Owens Corning Fiberglas™ insulation fire-resistant?”


As blown-in insulation, such as Owens Corning ProCat, the pretty pink stuff is naturally non-combustible, meaning it does not burn. This is not just Owens Corning saying that; it is classified as non-combustible as per ASTM E 136, from the American Society for Testing and Materials. 

Batt insulation from Owens Corning comes in two types: paper faced with kraft paper, which is combustible, and unfaced, which is not combustible. 

Acoustical Performance

Besides being pink and fireproof, what else can ProCat blown-in insulation from Owens Corning offer? How about unmatched acoustical performance? When you contract with a local, reliable professional insulation service to have your attic insulated with ProCat, you will notice a reduction in noise transmission. That means more peaceful nights and quieter days of enjoying your home.  


Cellulose is a popular alternative to the famous pink stuff. But is it really? Cellulose is wood fiber. Wood holds water. Wood swells with moisture. Owens Corning Fiberglas™ blown-in insulation, ProCat, does not absorb moisture. It is installed dry and stays dry. 


R-value refers to the resistance a substance has to heat transfer. The higher the R-value, the better the insulator. Loosefill (blown-in) insulation from Owens Corning delivers an impressive R-4.3 per inch. That means a single day’s work from your friendly, helpful insulation contractor, blowing in nine inches (more or less) of Owens Corning pink insulation, delivers a whopping R-38.7 of cozy comfort. 

No Settling

Some insulation tends to settle over time. As it sits, gravity pulls it down, compacting the vital air pockets that are the whole reason for insulation in the first place. Settling does not happen with Owens Corning ProCat insulation.

Technical tests show any change in dimensionality is less than two percent over the insulation’s installed lifetime. If your professional installer says you are achieving R-36 on the first day, you will have R-36 on the last day you are in that home. 

Pink is Green

That beautiful pink color, that cotton candy in your attic, is actually green. Environmentally, at least — Owens Corning Fiberglas™ is made with 35 percent recycled glass content. That keeps glass out of landfills, reduces the need to mine, clean, transport, and fuse sand into glass, and helps you contribute to keeping our oceans and earth blue, green, and, er, pink. 

Installation is Key

While Owens Corning Fiberglas™ insulation blown in through the ProCat or AttiCat system is a superior product, in the hands of an average contractor, you may lose R-value. 

Proper installation is key to keeping R-value, energy efficiency, and comfort. Why choose a roofing company like Yellowhammer Roofing? Because insulation is not a separate item, alone and apart from the rest of your house. 

Insulation is part of your entire roofing system:

  • Shingles, metal panels, or tile
  • Valleys
  • Flashing
  • Ridge vents
  • Gable vents
  • Soffit vents
  • Gutters

In the hands of the experienced technicians from Yellowhammer Roofing, the genuine Owens Corning attic insulation plays its part in keeping your Alabama or Tennessee home comfortable and energy-efficient.

Our professionals know their way around the inside and outside of a roof, so they will blow in the ProCat or AttiCat insulation into every niche, nook, and cranny. They will ensure enough inches to insulate well, without overdoing and wasting your money. 

When you contact Yellowhammer Roofing today for Owens Corning Fiberglas™ attic insulation, you will be comfortable, cool, and calm, all year long. The savings add up, too, year after year!

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