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Why You Want Your Roofer to Clean Up After the Job

Why You Want Your Roofer to Clean Up After the Job

If you’re planning to replace the roof on your Athens-area home, you might think it’s inevitable that a roofing company will leave you with a mess and damage to your property and landscaping. It’s perfectly reasonable to want your roofer to clean up after the job, because it not only shows respect, it tells you a lot about their company ethos and workmanship. If you use cleanliness as one of your top criteria when you’re vetting companies and speaking with previous customers, you can weed out the careless ones and find a roofing contractor who:

Protects Your Property

The crew of a roofing company that cares about their customers arrives on day one of your project with plenty of protective materials, like large tarps and sheets of plywood. Before work begins, they’ll put everything in place so your landscaping, siding, windows, and doors are well-protected from possible harm.

Disposes of Waste Carefully and Quickly

Even if your roofing project includes tearing off the old material, you shouldn’t have to worry about seeing an unsightly waste trailer parked in front of your property for days or damage to your lawn or driveway. A conscientious roofer will carefully place the trash hauler where it does the least harm, have your old materials deposited safely inside and get it taken away as quickly as possible.

Maintains an Organized Job Site

It’s a fact that re-roofing your home is messy work, but a meticulous contractor will have their crew trained to put out tarps to collect nails and small bits of debris and always keep materials, supplies, and tools well organized. Keeping everything neat and tidy not only helps prevent property damage, but it also reduces the likelihood of accidents and injuries.

Leaves No Mess Behind

Too many roofing “professionals” have no problem leaving a mess behind them like sharp scraps of flashing, discarded nails, bits of broken shingles and other such debris. What’s worse, they often aren’t concerned about torn-up lawns, trampled landscaping and scraped-up paint or siding. A roofer who truly cares about providing top-notch service will take steps to prevent such issues while your project is ongoing, and have their crew clean up thoroughly afterward so all they leave behind is a beautiful, skillfully-installed roof on your home.

If you’re looking for an Athens roofing company who’ll treat you and your property with care and respect, contact us at Yellowhammer Roofing.

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