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5 Disasters You Risk Experiencing With Delayed Roof Repairs

Personal finance gurus often tell you to save for life’s unexpected challenges and to use credit sparingly for the fun stuff. Unfortunately, most homeowners — nearly 75 percent — avoid saving and too often borrow for vacations, says MarketWatch. Faced with a choice to get your roof repaired or go to Disney World, what would you do?

1. Impending Disaster

A roof is not self-healing. Whether tile, shingle, or low-slope, no residential roof has the power to stop water leaks, reattach flashing, or reverse mold and mildew. You need a local, reliable roofer for that. 

A roof in distress does not age well. A small issue becomes bigger. A big issue becomes a disaster. When you delay roof repair because you think, “It is just a tiny leak,” or “It’s only a few spots of mold,” you will eventually pay a huge price for the delay. 

Leaks, for example, are binary: either you have a leak or you do not. No leak? Great! Leak? You have a damaged roof. You cannot claim a leak is small or moderate. A little (1/8th inch) hole in a roof —say from one stray roofing nail that somehow pulled out — can allow gallons of water into your attic during a thunderstorm. You may not see the results in your living space for many weeks, but the damage is done. 

You can avoid costly, extensive repairs to your home’s roof by catching small problems quickly. An annual roof inspection by your friendly roofing contractor is a great start.

Another inspection you can perform safely (never walk on your own roof — the surface is slippery and usually steeply sloped) is to make a daytime visit to your attic, equipped with a flashlight. Get to a safe, sturdy spot and turn off the flashlight. Look around chimneys, plumbing stacks, at hips and ridges; sunlight signals a damaged roof.

We know what you are wondering, because we field this question a lot: “Can a leaky roof damage more than my roof?” You will not like the answer. 

2. Interior Disaster

That “tiny leak” in the attic may thoroughly soak the sheathing, rafters, insulation, and joists before water makes its way into your drywall ceiling. The mold and mildew has a great start, but it is just getting revved up for the extensive damage to come in your home’s interior. 

Water infiltrating through a damaged roof can seep into walls, soak carpets and ruin floors, and destroy furniture and possessions. Humidity levels climbing inside your home from water infiltrating through a damaged roof will also put a strain on your central air conditioner. 

You can sense impending interior disaster:

  • Is your house cool and clammy?
  • Do you see abnormal amounts of condensation on window interiors during winter?
  • Is your HVAC system breaking down more frequently?
  • Do stored linens and towels feel damp or smell musty?
  • Do you see dark stains on ceilings, walls, molding, or floors?

The culprit is probably one or more roof leaks. The solution is a quick call to your local roofer. 

3. AC/DC Disaster

You may be wondering if a leaky roof can cause electrical problems. Water moves in response to gravity. If a circuit breaker panel, junction box, or switch box is in its path, water does not care. Water infiltrating your roof and making its way through your walls will often find wiring and cause problems:

  • Electrical fires
  • Shocks
  • Short circuits

When faced with roof damage, look at the bigger picture. Maybe you need to call in your helpful roofer and a local, reputable, licensed electrician. The electrician may also uncover a sad reality: water from a roof leak can cause electrical issues. 

4. Drechslera Disaster

Molds — including Drechslera — are everywhere. Will a leaky roof cause mold? Almost certainly. Molds like black mold, Drechslera and others will find their way onto moist, dark surfaces in your home. Attics, interiors of walls, ceilings, and other spaces in your home are perfect breeding grounds. According to Inspectapedia, literally dozens of molds can establish themselves in your home. Some are harmless; some are truly dangerous. 

You may need a roofer to repair your roof, but you may also need the expensive services of a mold abatement company to address interior damage. 

5. Domestic Disaster

Insider your home, your family feels safe. Yet roof leaks imperil your family’s health. Increased humidity, exposure to molds, and ruined possessions all have health consequences:

  • Increased allergic reactions
  • Colds and flu
  • Headaches, sinus problems, respiratory issues
  • Increased irritability, short tempers, depression

We know life is full of difficult choices, and we know everyone loves a vacation. If choosing between roof repair and a vacation, for the sake of your home and family, please get the roof repaired. Turn to the professionals of Yellowhammer Roofing. Contact us today and avoid costly problems in the future.

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