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How To Get Roofing Services The Yellowhammer Way

How often do you turn down free stuff? You are in a discount outlet store and someone offers you a tasty, free sample. You are in the grocery store and a promoter gives you a free box of detergent. Who would not want a free roof inspection? Yellowhammer Roofing offers free roof inspections for the same reason Costco gives away food or grocers give away detergent — we want you as a loyal customer!

Free Roof Inspection

At Yellowhammer Roofing, we have a particular way of doing business. We treat our customers right, we provide fair and honest estimates, and we do work that is as close to perfect as humanly possible. 

Part of our commitment to great customer service is offering a free roof inspection. It is offered with no obligation. If we find nothing, great! You can rest easy knowing your residential or commercial roof is doing its job. If we find a problem, we tell you and offer you ideas on solving them. 

You may or may not go with our company to make the repairs. We understand that. It is a risk we are willing to take because we want return customers. We want satisfied customers. We want customers who brag to their friends about the honest, trustworthy folks of Yellowhammer Roofing. 

Think of the free roof inspection as a housecall from your family doctor. All too rare today, we know, but still vital. Our roof inspection could uncover the beginnings of a problem.

  • We might find a weak spot in your shingle roof so small, a one-day repair job will do. Prognosis: Good.
  • We just might uncover a mold issue in residential sheathing that endangers your family’s health. Prognosis: Emergency!
  • Or, we may find you have a structurally sound roof with no signs of trouble. Prognosis: Great!

Without the free roof inspection, you will not know any prognosis. Here, at least, ignorance is not bliss, whether you are a Nashville homeowner or a Birmingham business owner. An overlooked roof is a potentially problematic roof. 

Contracting Work

Of course, after the free roof inspection, we want you to engage our services. We are proud of the fine work our experienced, highly trained crews can do. Getting contracted service for your roof the Yellowhammer way means:

  • Receiving an accurate, detailed scope of work, including a realistic estimate on costs
  • Being presented with options to repair or replace when the situation allows
  • Having a firm commitment to a specific start date
  • Speaking with an approachable, attentive site manager for on-site questions
  • Being completely satisfied with the finished work

Honestly, why would you expect anything less of any roofing contractor? Once you work with Yellowhammer Roofing, starting with a free roof inspection, we hope you will turn to us whenever you face a challenge from your residential or commercial roof. 

Our Services

We offer inspections, maintenance, repair, and complete roof replacement. We can work on your home’s steep-slope roof or your business’s low-slope roof with equal skill. 

While we specialize in fiberglass-asphalt shingles, we can also handle other roof materials:

  • Modified Bitumen
  • TPO
  • EPDM

Some residential homes have combinations of roofing materials. You may have a steep-slope roof with beautiful Owens Corning shingles, but a porch or addition with a low-slope roof in need of TPO. We can handle it. 

Some businesses have large swaths of low-slop EPDM roofs. We can handle it. No matter the roof you have, whether on home or business, Yellowhammer Roofing can handle it. 


A roof inspection is not something most homeowners or business owners should do. Nobody should be on a roof without proper safety equipment, training, and experience. Besides, would you know what to look for? What are the signs our roof inspectors seek that tell them a roof needs attention?

In shingle roofs, we will look in your gutters for signs of granules settling in the gutters. A lot of wash-off means leaks are imminent. We look at flashing (the thin metal that protects transitions between surfaces). We evaluate insulation and examine ventilation. 

In flat roofs, we inspect the roof deck, look for open seams, assess drainage, and check out the flashing. If necessary, we can even perform destructive testing (taking core samples or removing layers for inspection). 

Decisions to repair or replace your roof or to perform scheduled or emergency roofing come from that initial inspection. The first step to getting your roofing done the Yellowhammer way is to get that free roof inspection!

When you need roofing work, wherever you live within our northern and southern Alabama service area or in our newest service area, Nashville, Tennessee, please reach out to us at Yellowhammer Roofing. We can provide the best in inspections, repair, replacement and a whole lot more!

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