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Why architectural shingles are the best

Why Architectural Shingles Are The Best

Birmingham homes whose roofs reveal themselves and add a stunning finish to the home facade deserve the beauty and drama of architectural shingles. Such steep-slope roofs make the roof a highly visible part of the first glimpse anyone has of your single biggest asset, your home.

Architectural Shingles for Beauty

Few roofing materials have the versatility and economical installation costs of fiberglass-asphalt (composite) shingles. With color ranges as broad as the rainbow and profiles (cuts) that can give your home a look from Greek Revival to Victorian to Modern, architectural shingles will work with any Birmingham home style.

Their thickness allows shingle designers to play with light and shadow, breaking up large roof expanses with interesting, subtle shifts in color and tint. Architectural shingles are suitable for any style home, but they triumph on homes with tall, steep roofs or intricate, dormer-dotted roofs.

For Value

Few other roofing styles add the visual impact and high curb appeal of architectural shingles. They are unitized, manufactured to high standards, and designed for fast installation. In the hands of trained professionals, architectural shingles go down onto a roof quickly.

They immediately boost curb appeal in any home. According to Cost Versus Value, they also add $12,384 to average resale pricing in our area. People notice the drama and beauty of architectural shingles and are happy to pay for them.

For Durability

Modern manufacturing methods have produced fiberglass-asphalt shingles which are strong, water resistant, fire resistant, and enduring. These thick-cut, high-profile wonders can repel water year after year after year, holding their color and presenting the same strong profile for up to three decades.

Thirty-year lifespans are now typical in the higher-end lines of most manufacturers of shingles. The standard three-tab shingle is a predictable (read: boring) product with no subtleties of coloring, shadow, or shape. You probably would not want it on your roof for thirty years.

Contrast the three-tab shingle with the varied shapes and shades of architectural shingles. Manufacturers, by spending more time, money, and factory resources on architectural shingles, can produce up to six different “levels” or depths, helping to invite the eye across the surface. With these multiple steps or dimensions comes added strength, resiliency, and durability

A call to Yellowhammer Roofing, or an online contact, today will get you started on a lifetime of beautiful, durable architectural shingles for your Birmingham home.

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