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Insulating an Old Home


Improving Historic, Old Homes

If you own an older home in the Florence-Muscle Shoals area, you probably love the old school charm and historic feel. There’s a downside to this charm, however, as the majority of old homes were not built to today’s standards of insulation and other aspects of energy efficiency. While there are many steps you can take to reduce high utility bills in your historic home, adding attic insulation is the simplest and most dramatic home improvement you can make, and will immediately begin to reward you with a more energy efficient home that is also far more comfortable and welcoming.

Make Attic Insulation and Ventilation Your First Priority

In relatively warm locations, adding attic insulation will not only serve to reduce your heating bills in the winter, but will provide an even greater return on your investment during the hot summer months. Although many different types of insulation are available, for an older home in particular, we recommend the use of blown in cellulose or fiberglass insulation, as these small particles can fill spaces that roll insulation is simply unable to cover.

Attic insulation alone, however, is not enough to ensure a properly prepared attic.  Adequate ventilation is critical to prevent moisture damage on the structural components of your home. If your attic does not have a proper ridge vent as well as soffit vents under the eaves of your home, you’ll need to improve your attic’s ventilation before beginning any insulation projects.

Check Windows, Weatherstripping, etc.

Once you’ve completed your attic upgrades, look around the rest of your older home for corrections you could make to increase comfort while improving energy efficiency, such as:

  • Adding weather stripping on each of the exterior doors of your home; unsealed doors allow a large amount of cold air inside during the winter while allowing your comfortably conditioned air to easily escape in summer.
  • Investing in high quality windows, which will immediately increase the value of your home and save you money on your utility bills. If you can’t afford new windows, use weather stripping around old windows.
  • Insulating your walls, if practical.

If you would like to learn more about attic insulation and other tips to improve the comfort in a historic home in the Florence-Muscle Shoals area, contact our professionals at Yellowhammer Roofing, where we’ve been serving the area for more than 45 years.


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