How To Hunt Down Quality Roof Repair in Huntsville

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How To Hunt Down Quality Roof Repair in Huntsville

No homeowner really wants to need roof repair, but no roof lasts forever.

When you have a leak, loose shingles, or other issues, it’s time to address that roof repair before the damage gets worse. But how can you find a reputable company to help you with the project? Here are a few things that Huntsville residents can do to find a quality contractor for roof repair projects.

1. Check Websites

Every company should have a website and you can find out a lot about them through the details online. Check the website and see if you can find out more about their services. Can you see pictures of their employees? It’s nice to know who you will be welcoming to your home. You can also read about their work history and possibly even see before and after pictures. If the company has reviews or testimonials on their site, it’s a good sign; it is also smart to check other outside sources for reviews or where the reviews posted on their site came from.

2. Look up the BBB

You will want to check the company through the Better Business Bureau as well to see what kind of rating they have there. If there are any complaints against them, you will find out as well as how those complaints were resolved, if at all. It’s good to know how any roof repair company stands in the eyes of the BBB.

3. Ensure Licensing

You should never work with a roof repair company that isn’t properly licensed and insured. If you can’t find out that information with ease, ask the contractor for the information. They should happily provide the number. The last thing you want is a rookie who doesn’t know what he’s doing on your roof or a contractor that doesn’t protect their employees or customers by not having insurance. Accidents happen and if there’s no insurance coverage through the company, you’re liable.

4. References

Give the roof repair companies a call and see how their customer service is. You’ll be able to tell a lot over the phone when you ask for references. They should have a list of several homeowners who can answer your questions about their experiences with the company.

When you need quality roof repair, Yellowhammer Roofing is here to help. Whether you simply need a roof inspection, a small leak repair, or a whole roof replacement, we’re the right company for the job. We’ll answer any of your questions to your satisfaction and ensure that your roof protects your home in the best possible manner.

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