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3 Ways to Give Your Roof Love in the Summer


The roof of your home is your first line of defense and protects you and your family from the elements. In Athens in the summer that means a glaring sun, summertime storms, and coastal winds. To increase the lifetime of your roof and keep it healthy and strong, try following these 3 tips:

1. Make an Inspection

It is a good idea to make a monthly inspection of your roof to make sure there has not been any damage that could turn a simple repair into a costly one. Inspect your roof after heavy winds and storms. The best way to inspect your roof:

  • Walk around your home and look on the ground for any materials that may have blown off.
  • Inspect the downspouts and gutters to see if they have damage or blockage.
  • Look in the attic for any spots that may signal water damage.
  • Always look for evidence of rodents nesting in the gutters and attic.
  • Stand a few feet back from the house and make a visual inspection of the roof.
  • If you are unable to see everything or have concerns, call a roofer to come out and inspect your roof.


2. Clean Gutters and Clear Roof

When the gutters are clean, any Athen’s roof design will allow rain to flow off the roof and away from the house. If the water cannot get to the gutters or they are blocked, it will pool up along the eave and cause damage. When there is an abundance of debris on the roof, water will not be able to make it safely to the gutter system and can also cause damage to your home.


3. Keep your Trees Trimmed

Trees are beautiful and give you and your family much-needed shade in the summer months, however, if the trees are too close to your home and roof, they can cause damage. Trees drop dead limbs, leaves and sap onto your roof. They can also sway heavily in a wind storm and tear shingles or tiles from your home. Keep them trimmed and cut back to prevent damage.

If you are unsure about roof damage, or how to remove debris safely, please give Yellowhammer Roofing a call for an inspection and free estimate. We have experienced and certified technicians available to inspect your roof and make any repairs that are necessary.

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