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What Your Commercial Roofer Needs To Know

The long-lasting relationship you develop with a commercial roofer must revolve around your company’s roof, your needs, and your concerns. The roofer you team up with must have industry expertise, the right equipment, and highly trained crews — those are givens. Yet what else must your commercial roofer know?

Your Company’s Roof

Your local, reliable commercial roofer should know everything there is to know about your company’s roof. Its chronological age, its composition and construction, its advanced age from weathering, and more.

Which direction do the prevailing winds come from, and how do they affect your roof? Is your roof in direct sunlight, or do other structures or trees cause multiple temperature zones on the roof?

What kind of rooftop equipment is in place? Was it original to the building, or added later? Who services the equipment on the roof, like radio masts, satellite dishes, HVAC units, and advertising signs?

Your local roofing partner should also know the history of roof maintenance, so you and your roofer can plan strategies to concentrate efforts on trouble spots. Did a drain clog, overflow and compress insulation? What was the remedy? Did a seam open and allow water infiltration? How was it repaired?

The more questions you have, the more you need a truly commercial, truly trustworthy local roofer.

Commercial, Not Residential

Some “roofing” companies advertise their expertise in just about everything, from roofs to siding to windows to patios and paving. Other roofers limit themselves only to mammoth commercial roofing, like logistical centers and warehouses.

Commercial (low-slope) roofing is unlike residential roofing. If that fact evades a prospective roofer, move on. You need a roofer who knows all aspects of commercial roofing:

  • Built-up roofing (BUR)
  • Modified bitumen
  • EPDM — Ethylene propylene diene terpolymer, a synthetic rubber roofing membrane
  • TPO
  • Shingles — A commercial property may still have the homey touch of shingles over entranceways, walkways, or street facades

Here to Help

Turn to a local commercial roofer with demonstrated expertise in exactly your type of roofing material. Ask for advice on a replacement schedule, recommendations for inspection and repair, and ways your own facilities crew can safely help maintain the roof. Expect your commercial roofer to be responsive, supportive, and professional.

Expect only the best from Yellowhammer Roofing. Contact us today to allow us to learn all about you and your company’s roof. We take pride in performing perfect work for all our commercial customers.

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