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What You Need to Know About Best Roof Designs

What You Need to Know About Best Roof Designs

The average roof accounts for a large portion of a home’s exterior. Though your roof’s primary function is to protect you and your loved ones from the elements, you want it to make a statement and complement your home’s aesthetics or even drive curb appeal. If you are replacing your existing roof or designing a new home, keep reading for ideas and answers to how your new roof will make the statement you desire.

Shingle Roof Designs

Shingle roofs have been the material of choice for decades in most homes, due to their practical cost of installation and repair. However, shingle roof designs have improved dramatically over the years to offer better durability, multi-dimensional aesthetics and a broader palette of color schemes that puts them in the running with traditionally higher-end roof designs.

Consider some of your color options and shingle shapes:

  • Blue and green architectural shingles are cool colors that nurture fresh warm weather and changing colors of the leaves.
  • Brown and red “wood shake” shingles add depth to your new roof using irregular shapes, light and shadows — invoking the sunrise.
  • Black and gray “slate” scalloped-style shingles make a secure and bold statement without the excessive costs and weight of genuine slate.


Metal Roof Designs

If you envision a barn or a commercial warehouse when you think of a metal roof, there’s nothing wrong with that. However, you may need a refresher course on the latest metal roof designs available today, from traditional to contemporary and practically any roof design type there is. Further, metal roofs hold their own against the elements and to aesthetic scrutiny.

  • Metal roofs with concealed fasteners resist rust and meet the most stringent wind, fire and impact codes around.
  • Metal roofs often last 50 years and longer — two to three times longer than asphalt shingles.
  • Save money on your energy bills and homeowner’s insurance with environment-friendly, durable metal roofing.
  • Choose hundreds of colors to suit your color palette for your new home or roof replacement.
  • Shingle, shake, tile and slate — metal roofs offer practically any look you like.


When it comes to your new roof design or roof replacement, remember that the sky is the limit. There are so many colors, shapes and styles of roofs available to you at reasonable pricing. Further, when we at Yellowhammer Roofing install your roof, you can rest assured you’ll receive unsurpassed workmanship and the best warranty around.

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