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How to Be an Above Average Storm Repair Customer

How to Be an Above Average Storm Repair Customer


When severe weather moves through the area and wreaks havoc on your roof, it’s vital to have a dependable local roofing pro on your side to get sound repairs made as quickly as possible. A customer’s actions can make a huge difference in everyone’s stress level during the storm restoration of a Birmingham home, so here’s some advice on how to be an above average customer:

Contact Your Roofer to Request Emergency Service

As soon as you realize your roof is damaged, put in a call to your roofer so they can assess the damage and take steps to limit further harm to your roof and the interior of your home. Keep in mind that after a storm, a trusted contractor will likely be inundated with calls from homeowners, but will respond as quickly as possible. When the roofing crew gets there, they’ll need access to your roof and attic to determine the full extent of the damage and address leaks.

Ask for Help With Your Insurance Claim

Once you’ve contacted your roofer, you’ll need to get in touch with your homeowner’s insurance carrier to file a claim. An experienced roofing pro can often offer valuable assistance to make sure the claim process goes smoothly and gets resolved as quickly as possible. Ask your roofer to provide a detailed estimate that includes photos of the damage and to be on hand when your insurance adjuster visits. This helps ensure that the full scope of the damage is included in the adjuster’s report, so your settlement offer is fair and accurate, and you avoid the hassle and delay of filing a supplemental claim.

Be Patient About Scheduling

You can expect that a roofing contractor who’s well known for their quality workmanship will be extremely busy after a storm, but they’re worth waiting for so you have peace of mind that your roof restoration is done properly and to code. Although you may have to be patient until your roofer is able to fit you in, this gives you a chance to get their advice on different material options and decide whether this is an opportune time to upgrade to a more wind-resistant or energy-efficient product, and opt for an extended manufacturer’s warranty that gives you greater long-term protection.

If your roof has been damaged and you need expert help, contact us today at Yellowhammer Roofing, your trusted storm restoration specialists in Birmingham.

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