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How Our Roof Inspection And Repair Services Benefit Your Home

How Our Roof Inspection And Repair Services Benefit Your Home

How many pots and pans do you have in your Birmingham home? According to Hollywood, you will need all of them if your roof is leaking. While that may be a slight exaggeration, a leaky roof definitely dampens your day. Residential roof inspection and repair services can help you live a better life. 

Roof Inspection

Short of getting dripped on in your living room, how will you know your roof needs repair? The best, most efficient way to determine the condition of your Birmingham home’s shingle roof is to arrange annual roof inspections

Please do not go up on your home’s roof yourself. Trained, skilled roofers use fall arrest equipment and safety measures when walking on roofs. You are unlikely to have the skills and tools needed to navigate your steep slope roof. Instead, contact your nearby residential roofer for a thorough annual inspection. Your roofer will check:

  • The condition of the shingles
  • For signs of hail damage, curled shingles, and uplifted nails
  • The state of your caulking and flashing

Inside your home, the roofer will inspect your ceilings and possibly go into your attic to look at your sheathing. The inspection guides you and your roofer in deciding on roof repairs. 

An annual roof inspection gives you peace of mind, avoids embarrassing incidents, and maintains your home’s value. You can have cozy holiday parties, book club meetings, and poker nights knowing your roof is structurally sound and water-resistant. No need to raid the kitchen cabinets! 

Roof Repair

An inspection uncovers issues; it does not resolve them. Residential roof repair must be done by a professional roofer to maintain your roof’s warranty. 

Some homeowners make the mistake of attempting roof repairs themselves. This is bad for several reasons:

You will be happier and more confident enlisting the help of your neighborhood roofer for all roof repairs. Your roofer follows a set process:

  1. Assess the damage
  2. Plan the repair
  3. Complete the repair
  4. Inspect the final work

To live a better and happier life, arrange for annual residential roof inspections and prompt roof repair. Please contact us today at Yellowhammer Roofing to schedule your appointment. We can provide expert care for your shingle roof.

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